Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wrapped in loving arms

Grandma Grace traveled from Chicago to Michigan to help watch the girls for a week while I got everything prepared to move my family to Arkansas. She was such a great help and it made it much easier on me during the time she was there knowing that my girls were being taken care of.

Grandma taught Aleia a sweet song....Called "Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun." I find her singing it often, Grandma always makes a lasting impact on her.

My girls are blessed to be wrapped in loving arms no matter where they are.

Aunt Karen, who is my Mother's sister.

She is the one who has taken the full responsibility of taking care of my Uncle Roger, Uncle Todd, Grandma and my Mom.

Her husband Robert has a big heart to offer to take them all in and I'm so grateful. They also recently adopted a little girl....Whitney Olivia, we fell in love with her while we were in Arkansas, she is a miracle and such a blessing to the family.

Aunt Karen has a special song she sings to all the babies...it's called "By oh Baby", it's a magical song that puts the baby to sleep every time.

Brie Brie got to meet her Great Grandma Hickman.

Grandma loves her babies....she says that the love she has for one is no greater then the other.

She is 81 and such a wonderful, loving, godly Grandma.

Please continue to pray for her as she is still having to have a daily IV drip of Antibiotic for an infection in her leg. She is finally able to walk so this is an answer to prayer.

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Brown's said...

oh what a sweet post! Love all the pictures of the girls with the poeple that mean the most to them!