Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day three-Week of Aleia's 6th Birthday.....

We celebrated Aleia's Fourth Birthday in Croatia, ever since then it has been a request of hers for us to take her there once more. We tried to plan a trip to Italy for her 6th Birthday but the plans weren't working out, so we decided to take her to a beautiful hotel in the down town area of Vienna.

There she was able to have her own little space, her own bed, bathroom and even got to go swimming and eat all the little snacks the hotel had to offer.

After the girls swam in the pool, they took a long warm bath, ordered room service and played with all of Aleias toys she opened a few days before.

Her week has been full of wonderful blessings and surprises but there is one more day left of this little girls Birthday week.

Can't wait to share it with ya.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Five more days.....

Only five more days until this little munchkin turns three.

She has been an amazing little two year old, one who loves Watermelon, Cucumbers, and lots and lots of bread.

She makes you think she is fearless but that is just a small show, she can't walk into a room without someone right by her side, she is scared to death of any bug even the smallest ant, and she can not stand to be alone, not anywhere and not at anytime.

Brienna, loves her Sissy Aleia, and most of all her Daddy.

She uses her sleeve as a napkin and prefers to be bare footed but must always have a purse around her arm.

Brienna Grace is very loving, affectionate, helpful and compassionate to animals, people who are hurting or to the elderly. She will share and even give her last bite.

She gets her way almost every time, either by screaming, saying "but I'm a baby" or just by her big contagious smile and bright blue eyes.

Looking forward to another interesting and fun year with our little Boo-bear.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day two-Week of Aleia's 6th Birthday...

We woke up to a great big knock at the Lord, threw our robes on and ran to the door.

Knowing that anytime we hear that kind of sound it means the mail man has a surprise package from the states.

Our mail man rides up on a cute little yellow motor bike and almost bangs the door down until we come to it. I suppose he knows subconsciously that if the box is from the states it must be a great surprise or it could be the way we all come storming to the door as if he is handing us a ticket the stars.

Aleia and Brienna opened the special package from Lowell and Kim Dunning. It had two matching osh gosh rain coats, all pink with green and white accents. Along with a fabulous life size door book for Brienna and a magically fairy tale work book for Aleia.

They were thrilled.....what a great way to start out the second day of a week long Birhtday.

We all prepared ourselves for a long day out. We took the bus and then the U-bahn to a very neat fair that Vienna has year round. Aleia got her choice of 3 rides and what ever she wanted to eat. She chose a hot dog, water and an ice cream. She road lily the pony, the bumper cars and went down an amazing slippery slide.

At the end of the day we found a little stand that sold blue slush puppy's.....our train ride home was blast, there was blue on most every part of Brienna and Aleia was amazed that her tongue was blue and she wanted to show everyone.

Days and Days after we were still seeing blue....oh yes Brienna's Poo-Poo stayed blue for days and that was very entertaining because we couldn't figure out why this was happening and after the third day we realized it was from that blue slush.

Can't wait to tell ya what we did on the third and the fourth day....we are having a blast.

...and Aleia said turning 6 is awesome!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day one-Week of Aleia's 6th Birthday

Aleia had one Birthday after another. She wanted a friend party this year with all 24 students in her Kindergarten class, but that just didn't work out this year so we promised her we would make it a week she would never forget and that seemed to be just perfect for her.

Her number one request was that Daddy be with her all week!

The morning she woke up, she requested Birthday Breakfast...we had Pancakes! Yummy. She decided she would be sophisticated and use a knife and a fork to eat with, just like Daddy does. She was successful for the first 3 cuts but then decided she just wanted me to cut it up, because it was easier.

She got dressed all by herself, I did her hair just like she wanted and we put the Birthday badge on her and we were out the door, for an adventure of a life time.

Day one consisted of:
1. Birthday Breakfast
2. Ice cream at the mall
3. A small Rapunzel Party with presents and a chocolate cream cake with strawberries
4. Circus with the whole family

Aleia had the time of her life today, can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.