Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick View of 2009

As much as I'm looking forward to a new year, of new beginnings, new goals and new memories, I'm sad that one more year is gone, I don't want the memories made this year to fade or ever go away.

One more year passes, people change, life goes on, babies grow into toddlers, toddlers grow into teenagers and life just keeps going. I look back on this year and wonder how at times I even made it through some of the emotional battles that hit my family, my home and our church, But through it all I feel God was right there, holding my hand and leading me each step of the way.

We still have so much to give thanks for and so much to still work through but I'm glad to say I have a loving husband and two great healthy girls who give me all I ever need. I am blessed and look forward to a new year full of grand possibilities.

A Quick View of 2009

January: Brienna started to crawl. Amber H. Arrived as our Aim worker

February: Renovated the church, moved my family to AR, got Todd on S.S, started the Bible school

March: Got my crown replaced, Brienna got 5 teeth all at once, Brienna was dedicated, Twins turned 9

April: Charles traveled to Spain, Taiwan and the Philippines, Rev. Lee Stoneking arrived

May: Apostolic Power conference, Aleia turned 4, stamp in our pass ports (croatia), Month full of family Birthdays, Brienna stood for a few seconds, Brienna turned 1.

June: Brienna hurt her leg, our great Sis. Hilda passed away, Charles did a lot of traveling

July: Youth on mission came from the U.S.A, Bro. Cole Passed away, Charles went to the states

August: I turned 33, Croatia for a stamp, Brie got more teeth, Heather and Brianna came from Wisconsin, Charles back from the states, celebrated 15 years of marriage, Croatia again, Charles did his first wedding at the C.O.A in German, trip to Africa was canceled

September: Aleia started Pre-School, Met Natasha and Zorica, Church gave us an Anniversary party, Charles went to America

October: Charles turned 35, Van Broke down, house infested with bee's, Brienna was stung twice, left Brienna for the first time over night with Sis. Amber, took a small trip to Germany, Charles was elected as Superintend of Germany and Austia, Bro. Nathan Hulsman arrived

November: Got a different Van, Joined the Vienna Babies club, Croatia for a stamp, Brienna got a bad cold, had everyone over for Thanksgiving....Missed Family!

December: Aleia missed the whole month of school, Brienna is saying and signing many words,
Leaders Christmas party, Cookie banquet, shopping, trip to Madrid, left girls with Sis. Amber for a week, had a good Christmas Eve, Missed Family!

Just as quickly as this year has passed another year will come and go, let us not allow words of love to be unspoken and goodness be brought to someone in need. Love you all, and thank each of you for your support, love and prayers. Hope and pray you have a wonderful New Year. Lord bless you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Madness

The busy day is yet ahead of us. We are beginning a bit late but it's been good, very relaxing. We are enjoying all the wonderful gifts, cookies and treats on this Monday after Christmas. I am counting the days that the new year is here and I can consume more then cake, chocolate and anything full of cream cheese, a piece of delicious fruit or at least something that is healthy would be nice.

We have many things on our to do list, as of right now the day consist of:

-My friend (a mother) from Aleia's school, Natascha had her baby on Saturday night, so we will be heading over there today to greet them and give baby Konstantin Valentin a little gift from our family. She had him all natural in 4 hours and he was bottom FIRST. Here Natascha is with her Benjamin just a few days before Konstantin was born.

Other things to do for the day are:

-Dry Cleaners
-Down town to get a few things
-Grocery store to get a few things
-Bratislava to get Pizza Hut and take back a few things
-BED (MY FAVORITE) part of the day.

We're going to enjoy the last few last we have left in 2009.....can't believe we're going into 2010, that sounds and looks weird.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009


So hard keeping all the traditions staying fresh. Do find that you look forward to the holidays for that yummy taste of your favorite punch, sound of Christmas chorals while you wrap that special gift, cookie night with your best friend or sisters, picking that one ornament out that will bring memories to come..........???

Yeah probably not!

I've learned in my short little lived years that not as many people look forward to keeping to traditions as I do. I spend most of my Holidays trying to keep all traditions fresh when really people just get to busy to appreciate the small things.....of making memories.

I guess it's so important to me because growing up, even though I was brought up primarily by my Mother who didn't have much to give, she always seemed in her special way to give a unique touch to every holiday....even if it meant she'd be late, she brought tradition to the forefront of EVERY holiday or special event....from the time I was in Kindergarten until the last Christmas I had at home, I can remember the snow man and little plastic bear my mother would put in the window every year.

Although our tree was to tiny and not much to speak of, it had our little special ornaments we would put on each year. When I moved my Mom to Arkansas this last year, it was one of the request I had was to take some of the ornaments home to my kids, along with a few other things that have a lasting hold on my memory.

Looking forward to that beautiful stocking full of the most unique thought out gifts from my Mother in the delicious punch my Father in law makes (it's so good you just can't drink enough of it).

I hold dear to every special tradition, I make a mindful heartfelt memory of all the things that made my holiday so special and even though miles, circumstances, business of life, illness or just age might change things, I'll never forget the wonderful memories that special traditions brought to me.

I plan to fill my daughters lives with traditions that stay just as consistent as when Charles and I were growing up. It is important and I suppose it is as important as you believe it to be or want it to be.

Speaking of traditions, I found this really neat thing that I plan to incorporate into our Christmas dinner tradition.

Special Dinner Seating Idea:
During Christmas dinner with your family and friends, place an ornament by each place setting that represents something regarding that person. Each person has to figure out where they are sitting by picking their ornament. Example: If someone is expecting a baby, you could put a baby ornament by her place setting. Whatever your company enjoys, or if they have a favorite hobby, you could use a similar token as their place setting ornament. It should be so much fun to see each family member and guest try to their place setting. It is also interesting to see how children ornaments change from year to year as they mature and their interests change. Not only does it add to the festivity, but each person keeps the ornament as a gift.

Keep true to tradition it is the thread that keeps memories knitted so tightly together.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sickness

The last Sunday before Christmas and I'm home with sick babies. Just when Aleia was starting to feel better Brienna came down with something. So I've now been in my soft purple barney robe since Tuesday. It's covered in buggies, cookie dough, bananas and spaghetti sauce.

Matching Christmas dresses from Mimi and Big Papa were all set out for the girls, bows, tights, camera battery charged, snacks, sippy cup, change of clothes and a full day of diapers were ready in the diaper bag.

Christmas cards were signed and sealed by the door for all the great saints of the C.O.A. Little candy gift bags wrapped with a pretty red bow for all the children. So many plans and expectations of the day but Sunday sickness has taken over any plans I had.

My plan for the day now consist of Tylenol, humidifiers, hot rags to wash the every so flowing snot from Brie's nose, thermometers, warm oatmeal, lots of elmo stories, and another day in this crazy barney robe.

It's amazing how sickness can so easily change your perspective and add such a different since of chaios to the day. What was priority is no longer, what seemed important will have to wait.....Sick Babies come first!

Friday, December 18, 2009

MHR's Friday

Three girls with long hair can cause a shower and sink after a while to plug up.

Recently we were in ankle deep water wondering if maybe one of the girls toys got stuck down the drain. Charles used Drano and a few other chemicals to see if it would eat what ever it was up. Unfortunately nothing was working.

It was time for plan B, he took a hanger and pushed it down the drain and after a few minutes he pulled out the most massive hairball I've ever seen. You'd think we'd all be balled by the size of this thing. I was so proud of him, you see this is the man who can not stand the sight of one strain of hair on the bed, his clothes or even near him.

Charles managed to pull the enormous hair ball out of the drain without loosing his lunch or his love for the long haired ladies in his life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So many thoughts but nothing to say

A clunk of of mess in my mind but nothing to write or say. So until it is all clear and my thoughts and emotions are more understandable even for me I'll just leave you with this cute picture of a little mess that brings such happiness to our lives.

Missing my family more then ever during this Holiday season. Surrounded by so many people yet I feel so alone...... in a crowd of people who love me but still just want to be with those who mean more to me then anything...."My Family in the states" Love you all and miss you all more then you'll ever know.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never to late.....

Charles turned 35 on October 1st but celebrating his special day came around a little later, I say it's never to late to celebrate. The girls had a blast preparing his chocolate cake with chocolate of his and Aleia's favorite.

Aleia help mix the batter, once it was done cooling she frosted it and Brienna helped lick the spoon and then we all helped put the candles on. We put 3 in one corner and then 5 in the other corner for "35".
The girls got him a bag of his favorite gummy bears! I had Aleia wrap the gift, and when he opened the box to our surprise there was a half eaten bag of gummy bears and an awesome watch, she said "I knew Daddy would understand". It was so funny and so Aleia.

He had a great month later! Like I said it's never to late to celebrate.