Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So many thoughts but nothing to say

A clunk of of mess in my mind but nothing to write or say. So until it is all clear and my thoughts and emotions are more understandable even for me I'll just leave you with this cute picture of a little mess that brings such happiness to our lives.

Missing my family more then ever during this Holiday season. Surrounded by so many people yet I feel so alone...... in a crowd of people who love me but still just want to be with those who mean more to me then anything...."My Family in the states" Love you all and miss you all more then you'll ever know.


The Brown's said...

aw... so sorry! I can only imagine how much you miss everyone. I am sure they miss you just as much. I am glad for an update. I was starting to worry:)
You and Charles are wonderful people trying to share something amazing and you will be blessed for it. HUGS from me to you!!

Lavonda said...

I love this picture! We are missing you too. Everyone is busy, busy, busy....with one thing or another. And you know me......well, that's another topic all together. Just trying to finish projects for my classes which end for the semester TOMORROW NIGHT! Very little shopping is what it is. All the details always seem to work themselves out. Dad and I will call as soon as we get up on Christmas day and when the cousins get here we will call again.
Love, Mom/Mimi

Stacey said...

The time difference on Christmas or any special day is so difficult. We are 6 hours ahead so by the time you all are eating Christmas dinner our babies are down for the night. Sure takes some adjusting to.

Can't wait to talk to ya all and show you what the girls got.

(Pam)....sorry to worry you....we doing fine, just a bit busy:-) ect!

Kendra Lynn said...

We miss you, too, Stace. Lots and lots of hugs and love! Box will be on its way...hopefully tomorrow...think of it as a New Year's gift.
I love you so so much.


Stacey said...

You're so thoughtful, we love getting boxes, it's so sweet seeing the girls open up surprises from the states.

Thanks for taking the time, it makes us feel so loved. Christmas or New Years....a box of goodies from the states is great:-)