Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sickness

The last Sunday before Christmas and I'm home with sick babies. Just when Aleia was starting to feel better Brienna came down with something. So I've now been in my soft purple barney robe since Tuesday. It's covered in buggies, cookie dough, bananas and spaghetti sauce.

Matching Christmas dresses from Mimi and Big Papa were all set out for the girls, bows, tights, camera battery charged, snacks, sippy cup, change of clothes and a full day of diapers were ready in the diaper bag.

Christmas cards were signed and sealed by the door for all the great saints of the C.O.A. Little candy gift bags wrapped with a pretty red bow for all the children. So many plans and expectations of the day but Sunday sickness has taken over any plans I had.

My plan for the day now consist of Tylenol, humidifiers, hot rags to wash the every so flowing snot from Brie's nose, thermometers, warm oatmeal, lots of elmo stories, and another day in this crazy barney robe.

It's amazing how sickness can so easily change your perspective and add such a different since of chaios to the day. What was priority is no longer, what seemed important will have to wait.....Sick Babies come first!


The Brown's said...

so sorry I hope everyone feels better soon! Your such a good mom:)

Kendra Lynn said...

OH man, do I feel your pain! I've been sick since Wednesday with a sinus infection and a throat a migraine that came on suddenly today. Went to church, came home and went to bed.
Love you...mailing your package in the morning.


6 Wilsons said...

Poor babies...hope they're feeling better soon and enjoying the festivities.