Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick View of 2009

As much as I'm looking forward to a new year, of new beginnings, new goals and new memories, I'm sad that one more year is gone, I don't want the memories made this year to fade or ever go away.

One more year passes, people change, life goes on, babies grow into toddlers, toddlers grow into teenagers and life just keeps going. I look back on this year and wonder how at times I even made it through some of the emotional battles that hit my family, my home and our church, But through it all I feel God was right there, holding my hand and leading me each step of the way.

We still have so much to give thanks for and so much to still work through but I'm glad to say I have a loving husband and two great healthy girls who give me all I ever need. I am blessed and look forward to a new year full of grand possibilities.

A Quick View of 2009

January: Brienna started to crawl. Amber H. Arrived as our Aim worker

February: Renovated the church, moved my family to AR, got Todd on S.S, started the Bible school

March: Got my crown replaced, Brienna got 5 teeth all at once, Brienna was dedicated, Twins turned 9

April: Charles traveled to Spain, Taiwan and the Philippines, Rev. Lee Stoneking arrived

May: Apostolic Power conference, Aleia turned 4, stamp in our pass ports (croatia), Month full of family Birthdays, Brienna stood for a few seconds, Brienna turned 1.

June: Brienna hurt her leg, our great Sis. Hilda passed away, Charles did a lot of traveling

July: Youth on mission came from the U.S.A, Bro. Cole Passed away, Charles went to the states

August: I turned 33, Croatia for a stamp, Brie got more teeth, Heather and Brianna came from Wisconsin, Charles back from the states, celebrated 15 years of marriage, Croatia again, Charles did his first wedding at the C.O.A in German, trip to Africa was canceled

September: Aleia started Pre-School, Met Natasha and Zorica, Church gave us an Anniversary party, Charles went to America

October: Charles turned 35, Van Broke down, house infested with bee's, Brienna was stung twice, left Brienna for the first time over night with Sis. Amber, took a small trip to Germany, Charles was elected as Superintend of Germany and Austia, Bro. Nathan Hulsman arrived

November: Got a different Van, Joined the Vienna Babies club, Croatia for a stamp, Brienna got a bad cold, had everyone over for Thanksgiving....Missed Family!

December: Aleia missed the whole month of school, Brienna is saying and signing many words,
Leaders Christmas party, Cookie banquet, shopping, trip to Madrid, left girls with Sis. Amber for a week, had a good Christmas Eve, Missed Family!

Just as quickly as this year has passed another year will come and go, let us not allow words of love to be unspoken and goodness be brought to someone in need. Love you all, and thank each of you for your support, love and prayers. Hope and pray you have a wonderful New Year. Lord bless you!


Kendra Lynn said...

Happy New Year to our dear friends! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Received your package and Christmas card today...thank you so much...looking forward to enjoying the chocolates and wearing my new scarf!
Hope your box arrives soon.


Stacey said...

The box arrived yesterday and we were so thrilled. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Lord bless you during this New Year of New Beginnings.

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm so glad! You got the box in time for New Year's. Excellent. Love you much...happy New Year...and thank you for your love and prayers...I know God is going to be guiding us and giving us direction.

Karen said...

My prize package came today--how exciting!
I don't know what anything in that box IS, but exciting nonetheless. Thank you so much! Livvie and Ellia are excited about their coloring books.

I'm begging Nate for a break in our sugar fast, so we can try the sweets. It'd be rude, right???

What kind of coffee is it? Wiener Melange something? What's that?

By the way, that 3-week-old baby belongs to Ryan and Celeste. Their 4th, Elaina Joy. :)