Sunday, January 10, 2010

All ready to go......

It's that time again.....Yes it's been 90 days so the suit cases are out, the Croatia money is set aside and the cooler is full of vegetables and fruit to snack on while on our journey.

As I was getting the things ready that we needed for our trip to Croatia tomorrow, Aleia saw that I put her little pink ballerina suit case out, which only means to a 4 year old that she must get to pack her own suit case for the fabulous road trip.

Aleia is a perfect little traveler and count's the days until the next trip we take......she's a bit like her Father in that way I'd have to say:-)

She asked if she could pack her things and I say of course. So as I'm ironing my clothes for tomorrow the conversation goes like this:

Aleia: Mom can I take my I-pod Nano and 10 books
Me: You can take your I-pod Nano and 3 small books
Aleia: That's a great idea
Me: So are ya all ready to go
Aleia: Yes Mam
Me: Well let me see what cha got in there

As Aleia wipes her forehead and lifts the very full pink suit case up to me, she then goes on to say:

Aleia: Mom this was very hard work
Me: (I laugh) and say yes I'm sure it was

The suit case for the one night trip consist of 3 small books, 1 I-pod Nano, 1 Leapster game, Cheerleader pom-poms, 2 movies, 2 barbies, 1 blanket, 3 small stuffed dogs and her Bible.

Me: What were you going to wear tomorrow
Aleia: Oh yeah I forgot, well um let me Cinderella dress!
Me: (I laugh) Um yeah NO I don't think so
Aleia: Well you let me on my 2nd Birthday
Me: Honey that was your 4th Birthday and before you'll be ready to go you'll need to take some of these toys out to make room for your clothes
Aleia: Yeah I think then I'll be ready to go

It was such hard work deciding what to bring for her one little over night trip to Croatia that when I put her to bed, she was asleep within minutes.


Kendra Lynn said...

Awww...have a nice trip. I love you...hugs.

The Brown's said...

that is so funny:) I hope you all have a wonderful time. Cant wait to hear about it!