Sunday, January 31, 2010


(L)ily...... is a fat blue fish who has taken over the castle as her home, she shares with no one and any other fish who dares to enter is immediately attacked.
(O)scar..... is so unique, as a baby he was transparent, not real aggressive, kind of makes his home in a corner and gets along with the other two pretty well. Now that he is older he changes daily in his color, I suppose it depends on his mood. He goes from Red with gold spots, transparent in the morning and in the night has a little blue/red color going on. Very NEAT.
(T)ax...... He's the cool fish, looks like a taxi cab, he's pretty aggressive and does the most damage in the tank, he makes little mountains out of the rocks each night. When we wake in the morning the tank looks like a completely different home.

L.O.T not to be mistaken for the Lot in the Bible but better none as Lily, Oscar and Tax, 3 little fish who have made their way into our little families heart.

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Kendra Lynn said...

Very cool! We are wanting to put together a tank for our girls, too...hopefully soon.

Love you.