Friday, July 31, 2009


As our 15 year anniversary is approaching I can't help and look back to see how far Charles and I have come. I am so thankful that as I look back, I can say I'd do it all over again.

It has been a wonderful journey and after 15 years I am so proud to have such a loving, consistent, thoughtful, faithful, romantic, godly man by my side.

My husband rocks! He is my best friend, and my partner for life....I couldn't imagine life without him. Love you babe and miss ya too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eating Right

My Birthday is Sunday the 2nd and my 15 year Anniversary is the 27th so I figure it's time to get the cucumbers, tomatoes, fat free cheese and 8 glasses of water out in order to shed the 10 pounds I'm still carrying from the birth of T-REX.

I ate right yesterday and I'm doing pretty good today, just gotta fit in the exercise thing and I'll be doing just fine.

Random thoughts of the day:
1. Love my husband and kids
2. Hope my Sister is happy today
3. Think Brie-Brie will walk in a few days
4. Craving sweet tea
5. Loved Prayer last night

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going Home....Paw Paw Cole

Passing of Reverend Billy Cole

The arrangements for Brother Cole are as follows:

Monday, August 3rd 6-9pm Viewing
Tuesday, August 4th 4-6pm Viewing
Tuesday, August 4th 6pm Home Going Service

The viewing and funeral service will be held at North Charleston Apostolic Church, 2400 6th Avenue Charleston, West Virginia. 304.344.1466

Please pray for the entire Cole family as they mourn the loss of this incredible man of God.

We received the news that Bro. Cole Passed away yesterday around 4 p.m our time. Charles immediately got online and found a ticket out of Vienna into Detroit the same night and will head to WV with Bro. and Sis. Stark on Monday.

It was a long night of packing and organizing for his departure.

Aleia understands that Paw Paw Cole passed away. Charles kissed her good bye before he left at 4 a.m and she said she didn't want him to go but that she understood that Paw Paw Cole was Daddy's special Grandpa......and many of you know that he was more then that in so many ways to many people.

Bro. Cole was a man of passion, vision and consistency.... one you could depend on to Pray no matter what time of the day. He will be missed but what he leaves behind will go forward....I personally am so thankful for the time he spent in mentoring my husband and I, words can not begin to express how much we respected and honored Bro. Cole's opinion and advice.

We are so thankful our lives were touched by such an amazing man of God. He could have you laughing so hard you would cry and in a snap of a finger he could have you on your knees traveling under the anointing of God. He was unique in every way, his laugh was contagious and his eyes were soft and full of love and yet full of fire.

I will always hold close to my heart every word of encouragement he's given to us as a couple, and every prayer of anointing and blessing he has prayed over us as a family.

I am so grateful that Bro. Cole took the time for us and believe in us but most of all loved us and trusted us. We love you (Paw-Paw Cole) and will miss you so much.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday was the hottest day we've had yet this Summer. My husband rocks because he took the time to get our yard looking very nice, it no longer looks like a jungle but like a nice place for the girls to play and for us to relax in.

It was so funny, the day before he worked in the yard I told him I was afraid to go out there worried of what wild animals had made our yard there new home. As he was cleaning out a bush a little tiny hedge hog poked it's head out....Aleia thought it was her new little pet and began to cry the biggest tears you've ever seen when it ran off.

She spent the rest of the evening talking about the little pet her Daddy found her outside. She is gonna be our little animal lover, she'll save all the animals.

Charles rocks as a husband and as a Daddy, he wiped her little tears away and said the little pet needed to go find his Mama and Daddy but that he made his home in our yard so that makes us all very special! She named him Henry the Hedge Hog.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pizza Hut in Bratislava

Thanks to Amanda who told us that there was a Pizza Hut in Bratislava, you are wonderful!

Charles, Aleia, Brienna, Amber and I enjoyed the 45 minute drive to Bratislava. Never knew one could be so desperate for a taste of American deep dish pizza. Well let me tell you all of you who have one right down the street from ya and never go shame on ya;-) We enjoyed every bite of the stuffed cheesy crust pizza we ordered and everyone in the place knew we were enjoying it to.

Here Amber and I are displaying the most beautiful thing we have seen that reminds us of home since we've been here in Austria. Can't wait to go again, and the most wonderful thing is that we all ate for 24 euro, can't do that in Vienna.....hardly can eat at McDonald's for that.

Next time you all eat a wonderful home delivered pizza or sit down to eat a wonderful American Pizza eat a piece for us.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Husband Rocks....Friday

I was talking with a few ladies recently and they were asking me how I got my husband not to bring his cell phone to the dinner table. I told them I just simply asked if he could give our family his undivided attention when we are all at the table eating....and he tries his best to comply.

My husband rocks because although he is not able to spend a lot of time with us the time that he does spend he tries to make it all about us. He sets the phone aside at dinner and that makes the 3 of us feel real important.

I also think he rocks because he calls me for no reason through out the day just to check on me to make sure that I'm doing ok.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All dressed up

Little girls, with their frills of lace, slippers and bows. It is so much fun watching how Aleia imitates a true princess. Pink is her name, Spunky is her game. She's all about perfume, purses,lotion, shoes and loves to get all dressed up. She is a true princess and such a blast to be with.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I have hope

Aleia loves her new leap from I SPY game, and here you can also see what kind of baby sister she has:-) The post wouldn't be complete without saying how thankful I am for my wonderful husband and two beautiful healthy girls.

A wonderful song came to my mind today. We use to sing it when I was little in our old church.

I have hope when troubles come my way, I have hope since Jesus has come to stay, I have hope oh yes, when things are not well with me, I have hope beautiful hope that sets me free.

We often go down town Vienna and just walk around, we might get an ice cream or a hot dog, window shop are even people watch, this particular time I noticed a man who's legs and arms were totally crippled, yet he had a smile on his face.

The way he gets around is by setting on a skate board, he wears one boot on his elbow to push himself around. I was so intrigued by him that I watched him for at least 20 minutes. As he pushed himself through the crowed and up to the hot dog stand, his voice was full of excitement for he had gotten enough money from begging to by himself a drink and a hot dog for the day. I over heard how much it was.....2 euro and 50 cents. I felt such compassion for this man that I gave him double of what it cost, asked him for his name (Antonio) and told him I would be praying for him.

I tried to imagine what he finds hope in... I felt like if this man can have such hope and not be able to use his hands, his feet and has to have someone open his drink and eat his hot dog with his elbows, I truly am blessed and have nothing to worry or complain about.

I have hope, Jesus is my hope! He is my strength.

So many times things of this life might way us down but each day we wake up and have breath in our lungs have food on our table, a warm place to feel protected and people that surround us with love, we should be reminded that we have so much to live for and so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time 4 your Pea's...Baby

Brienna is really beginning to enjoy a lot more table food. She will now eat little chunks of Gouda cheese, chicken nuggets, banana, lunch meat and any kind of bread.
Aleia is a wonderful helper and finds great joy in feeding her baby sister. Every time Aleia was ready to feed Brienna she would say "time for your pea's baby".

Their personalities are so compatible...they are fun to watch as they play together and love on one another. So thankful for my two little precious girls.