Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick View of 2009

As much as I'm looking forward to a new year, of new beginnings, new goals and new memories, I'm sad that one more year is gone, I don't want the memories made this year to fade or ever go away.

One more year passes, people change, life goes on, babies grow into toddlers, toddlers grow into teenagers and life just keeps going. I look back on this year and wonder how at times I even made it through some of the emotional battles that hit my family, my home and our church, But through it all I feel God was right there, holding my hand and leading me each step of the way.

We still have so much to give thanks for and so much to still work through but I'm glad to say I have a loving husband and two great healthy girls who give me all I ever need. I am blessed and look forward to a new year full of grand possibilities.

A Quick View of 2009

January: Brienna started to crawl. Amber H. Arrived as our Aim worker

February: Renovated the church, moved my family to AR, got Todd on S.S, started the Bible school

March: Got my crown replaced, Brienna got 5 teeth all at once, Brienna was dedicated, Twins turned 9

April: Charles traveled to Spain, Taiwan and the Philippines, Rev. Lee Stoneking arrived

May: Apostolic Power conference, Aleia turned 4, stamp in our pass ports (croatia), Month full of family Birthdays, Brienna stood for a few seconds, Brienna turned 1.

June: Brienna hurt her leg, our great Sis. Hilda passed away, Charles did a lot of traveling

July: Youth on mission came from the U.S.A, Bro. Cole Passed away, Charles went to the states

August: I turned 33, Croatia for a stamp, Brie got more teeth, Heather and Brianna came from Wisconsin, Charles back from the states, celebrated 15 years of marriage, Croatia again, Charles did his first wedding at the C.O.A in German, trip to Africa was canceled

September: Aleia started Pre-School, Met Natasha and Zorica, Church gave us an Anniversary party, Charles went to America

October: Charles turned 35, Van Broke down, house infested with bee's, Brienna was stung twice, left Brienna for the first time over night with Sis. Amber, took a small trip to Germany, Charles was elected as Superintend of Germany and Austia, Bro. Nathan Hulsman arrived

November: Got a different Van, Joined the Vienna Babies club, Croatia for a stamp, Brienna got a bad cold, had everyone over for Thanksgiving....Missed Family!

December: Aleia missed the whole month of school, Brienna is saying and signing many words,
Leaders Christmas party, Cookie banquet, shopping, trip to Madrid, left girls with Sis. Amber for a week, had a good Christmas Eve, Missed Family!

Just as quickly as this year has passed another year will come and go, let us not allow words of love to be unspoken and goodness be brought to someone in need. Love you all, and thank each of you for your support, love and prayers. Hope and pray you have a wonderful New Year. Lord bless you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Madness

The busy day is yet ahead of us. We are beginning a bit late but it's been good, very relaxing. We are enjoying all the wonderful gifts, cookies and treats on this Monday after Christmas. I am counting the days that the new year is here and I can consume more then cake, chocolate and anything full of cream cheese, a piece of delicious fruit or at least something that is healthy would be nice.

We have many things on our to do list, as of right now the day consist of:

-My friend (a mother) from Aleia's school, Natascha had her baby on Saturday night, so we will be heading over there today to greet them and give baby Konstantin Valentin a little gift from our family. She had him all natural in 4 hours and he was bottom FIRST. Here Natascha is with her Benjamin just a few days before Konstantin was born.

Other things to do for the day are:

-Dry Cleaners
-Down town to get a few things
-Grocery store to get a few things
-Bratislava to get Pizza Hut and take back a few things
-BED (MY FAVORITE) part of the day.

We're going to enjoy the last few last we have left in 2009.....can't believe we're going into 2010, that sounds and looks weird.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009


So hard keeping all the traditions staying fresh. Do find that you look forward to the holidays for that yummy taste of your favorite punch, sound of Christmas chorals while you wrap that special gift, cookie night with your best friend or sisters, picking that one ornament out that will bring memories to come..........???

Yeah probably not!

I've learned in my short little lived years that not as many people look forward to keeping to traditions as I do. I spend most of my Holidays trying to keep all traditions fresh when really people just get to busy to appreciate the small things.....of making memories.

I guess it's so important to me because growing up, even though I was brought up primarily by my Mother who didn't have much to give, she always seemed in her special way to give a unique touch to every holiday....even if it meant she'd be late, she brought tradition to the forefront of EVERY holiday or special event....from the time I was in Kindergarten until the last Christmas I had at home, I can remember the snow man and little plastic bear my mother would put in the window every year.

Although our tree was to tiny and not much to speak of, it had our little special ornaments we would put on each year. When I moved my Mom to Arkansas this last year, it was one of the request I had was to take some of the ornaments home to my kids, along with a few other things that have a lasting hold on my memory.

Looking forward to that beautiful stocking full of the most unique thought out gifts from my Mother in the delicious punch my Father in law makes (it's so good you just can't drink enough of it).

I hold dear to every special tradition, I make a mindful heartfelt memory of all the things that made my holiday so special and even though miles, circumstances, business of life, illness or just age might change things, I'll never forget the wonderful memories that special traditions brought to me.

I plan to fill my daughters lives with traditions that stay just as consistent as when Charles and I were growing up. It is important and I suppose it is as important as you believe it to be or want it to be.

Speaking of traditions, I found this really neat thing that I plan to incorporate into our Christmas dinner tradition.

Special Dinner Seating Idea:
During Christmas dinner with your family and friends, place an ornament by each place setting that represents something regarding that person. Each person has to figure out where they are sitting by picking their ornament. Example: If someone is expecting a baby, you could put a baby ornament by her place setting. Whatever your company enjoys, or if they have a favorite hobby, you could use a similar token as their place setting ornament. It should be so much fun to see each family member and guest try to their place setting. It is also interesting to see how children ornaments change from year to year as they mature and their interests change. Not only does it add to the festivity, but each person keeps the ornament as a gift.

Keep true to tradition it is the thread that keeps memories knitted so tightly together.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sickness

The last Sunday before Christmas and I'm home with sick babies. Just when Aleia was starting to feel better Brienna came down with something. So I've now been in my soft purple barney robe since Tuesday. It's covered in buggies, cookie dough, bananas and spaghetti sauce.

Matching Christmas dresses from Mimi and Big Papa were all set out for the girls, bows, tights, camera battery charged, snacks, sippy cup, change of clothes and a full day of diapers were ready in the diaper bag.

Christmas cards were signed and sealed by the door for all the great saints of the C.O.A. Little candy gift bags wrapped with a pretty red bow for all the children. So many plans and expectations of the day but Sunday sickness has taken over any plans I had.

My plan for the day now consist of Tylenol, humidifiers, hot rags to wash the every so flowing snot from Brie's nose, thermometers, warm oatmeal, lots of elmo stories, and another day in this crazy barney robe.

It's amazing how sickness can so easily change your perspective and add such a different since of chaios to the day. What was priority is no longer, what seemed important will have to wait.....Sick Babies come first!

Friday, December 18, 2009

MHR's Friday

Three girls with long hair can cause a shower and sink after a while to plug up.

Recently we were in ankle deep water wondering if maybe one of the girls toys got stuck down the drain. Charles used Drano and a few other chemicals to see if it would eat what ever it was up. Unfortunately nothing was working.

It was time for plan B, he took a hanger and pushed it down the drain and after a few minutes he pulled out the most massive hairball I've ever seen. You'd think we'd all be balled by the size of this thing. I was so proud of him, you see this is the man who can not stand the sight of one strain of hair on the bed, his clothes or even near him.

Charles managed to pull the enormous hair ball out of the drain without loosing his lunch or his love for the long haired ladies in his life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So many thoughts but nothing to say

A clunk of of mess in my mind but nothing to write or say. So until it is all clear and my thoughts and emotions are more understandable even for me I'll just leave you with this cute picture of a little mess that brings such happiness to our lives.

Missing my family more then ever during this Holiday season. Surrounded by so many people yet I feel so alone...... in a crowd of people who love me but still just want to be with those who mean more to me then anything...."My Family in the states" Love you all and miss you all more then you'll ever know.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never to late.....

Charles turned 35 on October 1st but celebrating his special day came around a little later, I say it's never to late to celebrate. The girls had a blast preparing his chocolate cake with chocolate of his and Aleia's favorite.

Aleia help mix the batter, once it was done cooling she frosted it and Brienna helped lick the spoon and then we all helped put the candles on. We put 3 in one corner and then 5 in the other corner for "35".
The girls got him a bag of his favorite gummy bears! I had Aleia wrap the gift, and when he opened the box to our surprise there was a half eaten bag of gummy bears and an awesome watch, she said "I knew Daddy would understand". It was so funny and so Aleia.

He had a great month later! Like I said it's never to late to celebrate.

Friday, November 27, 2009

MHR's Friday

Lithuania was the trip of the week for Charles. Great things happened during the time he was ministering there.

He got to meet The Miller family and spend an early Thanksgiving with them. Just in time to get some practice on making a Turkey for our little Thanksgiving gathering here in Vienna.

He came home on Tuesday.......each trip he takes he comes home baring many gifts to the girls and I. He got Aleia a beautiful princess story sticker book and Brienna a little Elephant we named "Ellie". To my surprise he didn't have a gift for me. I needed him to run to the store to get a few things for the dinner I was preparing an when he came in he had a bouquet of 12 beautiful long stem red and pink roses in his arms "all for me". My husband Rocks....what a thoughtful man.

His next trip planned is Germany and then to Spain............girls love gifts, girls love purses, perfume and flowers but most of all they love it when Daddy is home in his big brown chair reading stories, praying and showing us how much he loves us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Parenting Challenges.....

As many of my readers know Charles and I had our first baby after 11 years of marriage, then 3 years later I turned 31 and had another baby. We've been married now 15 years and although the wedding bells still ring loud and clear in my ears, it is parenting that has brought many surprising issues to the table.

We have found it is necessary to weekly evaluate the many stages are girls so quickly phase into.

It is not always an easy task being in unity as we come together and address the parenting issues that bring such daily challenges to us. We have found that it is very important to communicate on how we will deal with each demanding challenge our beautiful girls go through.

Recently I was feeling like I was not meeting up to the expectations of Charles as the Mother to his seemed that when he would come around he would be implementing boundaries for them that I was not aware of so therefore I was not following through with them once he left. We had a long discussion on what I felt was a fight worth fighting over with a 1 year old and a 4 year old and he expressed the fights he felt were worth fighting over. It came to one common ground rule or equal expectation and that is "being consistent", which is a full time job all in it's self.

Wouldn't it be nice if parenting came with blue prints or an instructional book that way you could avoid some of these issues before that put their nasty head up.

My mother raised me and my sister on her own, I saw the hardships she faced in being a single parent, yet through it all I think she did an amazing job, she was such a great example of a loving, praying and hard working mother. I can only pray and hope that I will be as good of a Mama as my mother was. She wasn't super strict but the things she had issues with she stuck strong to them, even if I didn't understand them. Many would say she wasn't strict or consistent enough but I suppose the fruit of her labor stands the test of time and tells the critics in her day the final story.....she was an AWESOME mother under all the circumstances she raised us the best she could. (Thank you Mom)

I often tell Charles I don't know how my Mom did it, she was a strong women, is all I can say.

The most difficult challenge of all is that Charles is gone about 2 weeks out of every month, many of you military Mama's will be able to relate to this one. Well I'm the Mama and Daddy for those 2 weeks, then I am immediately suppose to take the Daddy hat off the minute he comes do you do that? Well it is not easy.....but I love him, respect him, honor him and I am submitted to him, so those in itself make it easier to defer to him as the Daddy and Man of the home. Our girls need his consistent affection, his instruction, his correction, his encouragement and his love.

Several things I have found to make these parenting challenges a bit less stressful is:
-Setting boundaries
-Communicate Weekly
-Be Consistent

We are striving to be the best parents we can be, to raise our girls to be respectful, well behaved, God fearing women. Through all the daily challenges parenting brings, I can say at the end of the night, I am so proud and thankful God blessed us with such beautiful, healthy little girls.

For it is the challenges in life that make us who we are and what we will become.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner list

We were debating on having Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year, since in Austria they don't celebrate this great Holiday. It isn't easy to come by a good full 23 pound turkey, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie. Not to mention all of the work it requires to prepare and clean up after such a feast.

As I sat thinking about the memories I had growing up.....many Thanksgivings at The Robinette home, lots of food, fun games and a great spirit of togetherness I can't help but give in and say yes "I'll cook" this year. Besides I really am a softy when it comes to making the most out of a memory and am truly the most sentimental person you'll ever meet.

We have 6 Americans here not including our family of 4. So it should be a great time of fun and fellowship.

Thanksgiving Dinner list:
-Rolls & Butter
-Drinks, Coffee, Cream & Sugar
-Broc/Cali salad
-Turkey (if we can find one)
-Mash Potatoes & Gravy (a must)
-Cranberry sauce
-Small relish tray
-Green bean casserole
-Baked Mac n cheese
-Macaroni Salad
-Crab dip
-Grape salad

Is there anything I'm missing?

What is on your list for Thanksgiving? Any easy great Turkey Day recipes? Send them my way....To a great week of preparing wonderful food, fun and togetherness. Let us all be reminded of the things to be Thankful for.

Friday, November 20, 2009

MHR's Friday

This Monday we had to drive to Croatia to get mine and the girls stamp updated in our passport's, although Charles did not need a stamp since he just recently arrived back from America he still was willing to take us there and set two good days aside. Even though it was not on his schedule and actually not the most convenient thing for him to do he still planned a wonderful time away and made it special for all of us.

For me: He knows how much I love to take a bath and since we do not have one in our house he always makes sure that is one perk the hotel has before booking it. We stayed in the Regent hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. It was so beautiful, the tub was GREAT!

For Aleia: She loves it when we go to a hotel that has a private room for her, it makes her feel so had just that, one room for us and a separate room where we made her bed on the sofa, she was in heaven.

For Brienna: Great staff who are taken by her at every chance they get to see her. Her smile can make any bell boy smile:-) and the more attention she gets the happier she is. It also helped that the hotel had tons of drawers and closets for her to hide in and open.

My husband rocks: He is always so thoughtful, that even though we must travel often he makes sure that all of our needs are met.

I think I might have gotten our Christmas picture while we were in Zagreb.....very cool city, they have the cafe's outside, and they are heated with tall heaters, it was a city full of history, great food and amazing fashion. I look forward to going back there again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not one but 2 WINner's

I was hoping that the sound of a delicious blend of Vienna Coffee would prompt more of you to leave a dream get away comment. I have to say the 2 of you that left a comment, I was able to go right to the place that a nice warm cup of coffee takes you. I would say at this point just going up stairs to the bathroom by myself would be a dream get away....sure most of you can relate.

To Karen and Kendra thank you for your relaxing comments.....your reward will be delivered to you soon.

I plan to have more great giveaway's in the next coming year. I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming along with us on our families journey. Hope you all enjoy the posts and updates on the journey we are on and know that we love receiving all of your great comments.

Wasn't able to do my normal MHR'S Friday post...(my husband rocks)! So here it is:

Charles has always been a dreamer, the most amazing thing is that he has always been able to convey his burden, and cast a believable vision that is tangable .....he has the wonderful ability to see big possiablitys, look past set backs, and see the grand picture. He knows just how to deal with things case by case, priortize and hardly ever gets discouraged. He rocks at seeing things before they go wrong and fixing them before they get out of hand. He truly is amazing and is always surprising me with the patients, love and persistence he has for his family and the church. (I think My Husband Rocks......if you were wondering):-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee give away

Read on to find out about the great coffee give away!!!!

Just when I think I'm safe and can get by with the little German I know and tell myself there is no need to stress myself out in taking an intensive German course, that is when my precious little toddler decides while we are standing in the grocery line, ready to place all the items on the belt, grabs the huge glass bottle of garlic salt and drops it right on the slab floor.....oh no Rexie did not just do that.

Thoughts going through my head at that very moment:

1. This is not happening
2. I'm in a hurry
3. I don't want people to know I'm American
4. I want to seem like I'm fine
5. Oh this is normal, but why now
6. How do I tell someone my daughter made a mess
7. Do I just leave it and let everyone behind me think I'm irresponsible
8. Need to take a German course
9. Will I be apologizing on Brie's behalf much longer:-) (Probably)lol!
10. Oh Lord just get me out of here, now and fast.

Well I did just leave it, said excuse me about 5 times in German cause that's all that would come to out to the car, chest pounding, back dripping in sweat, put Brienna in the car, loaded the groceries, popped my favorite cd in and turned it up as loud as I could without blaring our ear drums out, drove through the Mcdonalds drive through to get a coffee and sat in the parking lot on Brunner strasse sipping on my coffee dreaming of being on a an island (by myself),where facials, pedicures, all you can eat, sheets so soft you felt like you were in heaven, bathing in a tub full of mint and rose, and catering to only me was available.

Oh my are all of you feeling like it is about time for me to get a break.....? Or most of you are probably wishing you could come along too. Sounds pretty selfish, but it's real, I get tired, and overwhelmed but it isn't anything that a 1 great nights of sleep can't fix.

Share what great place a hot cup of coffee takes you.....the best journey that you take me on will win a wonderful blend of Vienna coffee. You have until Saturday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Song on my heart

Today is Sunday, a day where I normally rise 2 hours before
the family, iron clothes,prepare snacks for the day, prepare
my mind for the day, get myself ready, wake Aleia up
get her ready, wake Brie up,get her ready, feed them, drink
a cup of coffee and head out the door in order to make it
to church on time to unlock the doors and welcome all the
great saints of the C.O.A.

Yet this morning was a bit different. Well I should say
last night was a bit different. Brienna was coughing all
night, which had me so worried. There is so much sickness
going around lately that a runny nose, sniffle, or any kind
of cold symptons seem to lead to something a lot worse.
I couldn't rest very well, just thinking of Brie being sick,
thinking of Stellan's heart surgery today, MckMama and her

Counting my blessing of healthy strong children, I couldn't
help getting all emotional about thinking this could be my
child, in it all I could not sleep, stayed up most of the
night,praying, crying, and of all things missing my own Mom.
Just remembering all the wonderful things she has taught me
and wishing so much I could grab a cup of coffee and sit
and chat with her, knowing that if she could hear me, she
would encourage me and say something that would lift my
spirits and if she didn't have anything to say, I know
she would fall on her knees and pray.

My Mom taught me how to pray, she taught me everything
I know about being a great Mother to my own babies.

I miss her so much.

As I sit here knowing that our own service is going on,
I have a song on my heart and I pray it encourages you
all as it has me.

Dancing Generations

Your mercy taught us how to dance

To celebrate with all we have

And we'll dance to thank You for mercy

Your glory taught us how to shout

To lift Your name in all the earth

And we'll shout to the praise of Your glory

It's the overflow

Of a forgiven soul

And now we've seen You, God

Our hearts cannot stay silent

And we'll be a dancing generation

Dancing because of Your great mercy, Lord

Your great mercy, Lord

And we'll be a shouting generation

Shouting because of Your great glory, Lord

Your great glory, Lord 

Friday, November 6, 2009

MHR's Friday

A rare moment where Brienna is cuddling, she is so busy and would rather be making a mess or wrestling.

So proud of Charles, with him just getting back from the states where he really worked so hard to raise funds for the church here in Vienna. I know it is so hard for him to be away from the church and not to mention his girls and myself. He hasn't been feeling very well and he's been very busy yet finding time to do a few little things around here to help with the girls and get some things that have been suffering around the house.

He ordered Aleia's darkening shade for her room..2 weeks for delivery.
He got a new windshield wiper for the van
Bought the caulk for our room to seal off all the wholes so no more bee's.....yes! On Monday night he actually got stung by one while we were sleeping, he thought it was a dream but when he ripped the covers off their sat (Bary Bensin) just chillin out in our bed. His thumb is red, swollen and itchy.

My husband rocks because with all the things he has to juggle and all the things that are at hand taking his attention he has still found time to help put Aleia to bed for the past 2 nights, and make time to wrestle with Brienna.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full Boxes

Charles has been home now for one full week and we are getting back into our normal routine, well normal to us that is.

He arrived on Tuesday of last week and was home Wednesday and Thursday, then we had to drive to Germany for the weekend for district board meetings where he was voted in as Superintendant of Austria and Germany.

We left Aleia with Savannah and for the first time we left Brienna over night with Sis. Amber. It wasn't easy having to take them to someone's house and having them stay at two different places, I had to pack double of everything.

I have to say it is easier just to take them with don't worry about them getting lost, hurt, hungry or afraid. Plus when you come home it takes 4 days to make them understand (1) that your not leaving again for a long time and (2nd) "We are the boss" (LOL)!

When we got home we had 2 full boxes of goodies from America. One box was what Charles mailed while he was in the states full of things from him and from Mimi and Big Papa, the second box was from Scott and Kendra. Thanks a bunch for all the wonderful goodies.....we love when full boxes come to our door.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charles Arrives (Finally)

Last night we prepared all that needed to be done to make a nice welcome home for Charles. He had his 35th Birthday without us in America so we decided to plan a small intimate family Birthday party for him when he gets home today.

Aleia and I made his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, even though we will eat more then he will at least he knows we were thinking about him.

Bought him a really nice gift from the girls and I and Aleia is suppose to be making him a welcome home Birthday card in pre-school today, by the way that is the only way I got her to go to school today, cause she didn't want me to get her Daddy without her. He doesn't arrive until 7:40 tonight so she has all day to think about him coming home.

The house is cleaned, the girls have had their baths, home made chicken noodle soup is done, chocolate cake is made, Birthday gift is wrapped, took garbage out, gas in the van, vacuumed van out, laundry is done, legs are shaved, and fresh sheets on the bed. I think I've covered all that needs to be done before he gets home to make his first day home happy and comfortable.

We can't wait.....the girls and I are so excited!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 safety steps

As a Mommy to young children, I find myself asking many other Mothers who have older children the question of "when did you know it was time to teach on _____ and _____ and _____? well the answer is always the they tell me, you'll know when the right time will be for your child.

So I've started realizing it is true what they say, you really will know when it is time and when your child is ready to learn about certain things.

Aleia is now 4 1/2 and has started pre-school, and so many new situations and conversations have been brought up, such Crossing the street, what do we in case of a fire and what is a stranger. So I've decided to use this little 3 liner 3 step rule system to help her remember what we do when we are:

#1 crossing the street, #2 in a fire, or #3 Stranger alert

Rule #1 = Stop, Look and Listen (crossing the street)
Rule #2 = Stop, Drop and Roll (in case of a fire)
Rule #3 = Run, Yell and Tell (Your heart alarm tells you somethings not right.....Stranger alert)

I found a few really good educational video clips off of and they have been so helpful in re-emphasizing what I've been trying to teach Allie about the 3 safety steps that I feel are very important for her to learn at this time in her life.

Do you have any good safety steps you are teaching your child at this time that could be helpful?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great giveaway

Recently over at Karens2cents blog (My 3 little women) she was having a give away for the re-naming of her blog. She's had 3 girls in 3 years and she wanted a few ideas. My name was chosen as the prize winner and the package just arrived.

It was a great to surprise to win and to know that Karen was going to be putting a package together and sending it all the way here.

The package was put together with such thought and love. Thank you so much Karen for all the little goodies you not only put in there for me but for Aleia, she was thrilled.

Good luck with those 3 little women.

Now it's time to go use some of that Mary Kay that was in the prize wining package.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two best buddies

Aleia and Brienna are two best buddy's. One is lost without the other. They fight, fuss, kiss, hug, share, take, laugh, and cry but at the end of the day, they love one another and can't be apart.

When Aleia is gone to school, Brienna is my little shadow, she follows me room to room calling (A-ya) Aleia's name all day long. She loves her big Sister. Brie is quite the aggressive one.
When Brienna is gone, Aleia continually ask when are we getting our baby back. Aleia is very protective and loving but still has a hard time sharing her precious toys with T-Rex and rightfully so, because everything Brienna touches you can be sure she will loose or break it:-)
My sweet little babies miss their Daddy. He gets home in 7 days and the girls are thrilled. Hurry home Dad!

A little update on the bee situation: The exterminator came today and spayed, we had 2 bee hives one by my bedroom window and one by the bathroom window, he said we had thousands of bee's. We should see 1 or 2 here and there for the next 3 weeks but after that they should all be gone. I can't tell you how relieved I am that they will be gone. I've killed over 100 bee's in the last week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been 2 years...

In so many ways it feels like I can't even remember my life before arriving to Vienna. Some how the church, our home, my girls, the city, the people, Vienna it's self has taken over me. Although as I think about today being the anniversary of when we first step foot onto the soil of Vienna I can say we still have so much learn.

Living and adjusting to a new place not to mention a Foreign country brings new challenges each day that we must over come, look past and be inspired to learn from.

As with each transition we have faced in our marriage and ministry I find myself feeling vulnerable and in a infant state of many things as I try to learn the language of each country we are in, learn how the people think, grocery shop, driving, adjusting to cultural difference, adapting to the newness, having patients when I make mistakes, swallowing my pride, finding my way around and being confident in the environment I'm in at the present time.

I can say although it seems when I look back I can hardly remember my life before this, I can also say the time has passed by like a face fret train. So many great things have happened in the two years we've been missionaries to Austria, we are happy this is our home, we look forward by the grace of God that we have many more years in this great country, reaching the wonderful people of Vienna and knowing that we will continually be learning, growing from mistakes and adjusting to a culture we were not born in.

A little over view of the past 2 years:
1. Lived in a 1 bedroom 650 sq.meter apartment for 3 months
2. Bought a kia van
3. Charles went to German class for 3 months 6 hours a day
4. Moved into our beautiful home
5. Dad came to help us unpack and get our home together
6. Got stuck in Egypt
7. Suppans came to Vienna
8. Have had 4 assistant missionaries
9. Started 2 daughter works
10. Had a baby (Brienna Grace)
11. Remolded the church
12. Double in the church
13. Lost a precious saint in the church
14. Dedicated 9 babies in 2 years
15. A beautiful couple were married in the church
16. The Dadzie family were blessed with Oliver
17. Moved my Mom to AR
18. Celebrated 15 years of marriage
19. Two great friends came to visit us (Kim and Heather)
20. Aleia started pre-school
21. Brienna turned 1

Looking forward to another wonderful year of making great memories, training women and men, reaching Austria and finding balance in becoming the women I need to be for the Lord, my family and for the church.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


The bee's and spiders have taken over our home. Not sure what it is about my house but since it got cold every little crawly thing has seemed to have found a place to hide in our home. In total since Wednesday I have killed over 60 wasp in the upstairs of our home. I plugged every hole in our room only to find the next morning that the bee's found a way into Aleia's room.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.....every corner I turn I'm sure to have a can of spray and a swatter in my hand to defend myself from the creepy crawlers that have invaded my home. Are any of you itching yet???

Finally Aleia, Brienna and I took a trip to the store and bought 2 of the largest cans of spray we could find. It was all in German but a wasp looks like a wasp on any can, American or German. I got home and sprayed the whole upstairs and now every little crawling thing is making it's way out of their hole and I'm finding dead spiders and bee's every where. I should have gotten that spray a long time ago.

The girls and I are still camping out in the guest room for the night, the smell of that spray is to strong for us to be up there sleeping. Allie and Brie are finding it pretty fun for all of us to be in one room. Actually Brienna slept better then she has in a long time. It's been my goal to not nurse her anymore, hopefully by the time Charles is home we'll be done. I have to go to Germany with him for 2 nights for board meetings and I'm not able to take her with me.

Charles will be home in 9 days. Aleia's bed time prayer tonight was that the Lord would keep her Daddy safe so that he could bring her a baby kitten named mittens home with him......the simple little prayers of children. I said don't you want to pray that you and sister sleep good tonight and that you obey Mama tomorrow, she said "No I just want a kitten".

Friday, October 16, 2009

MHR's Friday

It's not midnight yet on this side of the world so I've still got some time to post about how amazing my husband is.

Tonight I had an emergency, well actually it was a terrible day, one thing after another seemed to be happening.

Aleia didn't have pre-school today so I planned the day to be a down day for us other then getting ready and going to church....our Bible study night is on Friday night.

Not to get into everything that occurred today and only stay on the emergency part of the day, Aleia, Brienna and I decided to take a nap, well about 20 minutes into the nap, Brienna screams out this terrible cry, the one that any Mother would drop what they are doing to check. I picked her up immediately and there were two bee's in her crib. Each one stung her, one on the hand and one on her little chubby thigh. I couldn't tell at first if one had stung her in the mouth or the hand until I noticed her hand turned completely blue and ice cold.

As many of you would be, Stressed! What do I do, who do I call, why is Charles not here, is she allergic, will she react to the sting and how, where are these stupid bee's coming in at, gotta get dressed.....all these things rushed into my mind.

My heart went out for both of my girls, Brienna was in such pain and Aleia acted so grown up but you could tell she was very nervous, she got herself completely dressed and said "mama, I look pretty and I'm here to do whatever you need me to do", I was so stressed I told her "I just need you to go to your room" and now looking back on my reaction, tears flood my eyes because I know how worried she must have felt and how proud she also felt to have gotten herself all dressed up to help me. I love that kid, she has such a compassionate heart.

Called our church secretary and she called the hospital and a saint in our church who is a bee keeper. They are saying that the 21st district is infested with these certain wasp. So ok the district is infested but where in the world are they coming in at......I still don't know, I've plug every hole I can find in our room with toilet paper and tomorrow I have to call our land lord to see if he is able to fix the problem.

As of now the girls and I are camped out in the guest room and all the doors to the upstairs are closed. I just told Aleia we're making great memories that we can tell Daddy all about when he gets home. She wasn't sure about all of it and just said Mama ur so crazy!

I was finally able to reach Charles today, I told him about our ordeal and he was able to calm me down and helped me think more rationally about killing over 40 bee's in our room over the last few days. He gave me a step by step plan to follow. That is what I love about him so much is that he can always come up with a strategic plan to solve just about everything. When I over react about Brienna almost chocking on a hair bow, or when I find her on the counter top ready to put her hand in the toaster or when I can't find her at all and when I do, she is behind the curtain on the window ledge, or when she's just been stung by 2 bee's....Charles always seems to calm me down and helps me to think more clearly. You rock honey and I thank you for always having a plan.

......Brienna thankfully did not have a reaction to the bee stings, her finger and thigh are a bit red but no swelling. She cried for a little while but after about 30 minutes she was back to making messes and fighting with her sister. She really is a trooper, better known as T-REX, our little Rexie.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No more counting

For the past two days I've decided not to do the whole count down in my mind for when Charles finally arrives. Of course Aleia is still taking one loop off the chain she made for her count down, but I found the days lasting a little bit longer as I waited for the next day to be just one more day closer to when Charles would arrive back from America. If I don't know what day it is, it seems to go by a little day just runs into the next. For a Mothers job is never done!

I've stayed pretty busy actually, not much changes with our routine when Charles is gone or here. He travels often and we try to keep consistency with bed time, eating, errands, school, church and play time, to insure that the girls learn how to go with the flow with having a Daddy who is so high in demand.

I can tell that at this point in time, they are both very anxious for his arrival. I am so thankful for Skype, it has helped Brie Brie stay connected with Charles. He called on Skype yesterday and he taught her how to blow kisses, (now she blows kisses to everyone). Aleia was able to show him the picture she painted in school today and that brightened up his day.

Just a few things that have happened since he's been gone:
1. Was without a vehicle for 2 weeks-in the shop (took public)
2. Got the vehicle back (just in time for cold weather)
3. Brienna has a bad diaper rash
4. Killed 14 bee's in my room in one day
5. Drove to the post office to get a certified letter for Charles and they wouldn't give it to me
6. Friday it was 85 and today it snowed
7. Had lunch with a Natasha (a wonderful lady I met at Aleia's kindergarten)
8. Had a pedicure
9. Have not slept well since he's been gone
10. Found Brienna on the counter top in the kitchen
11. The fish have gotten bigger and oscar has turned a little more red
12. My internet was done for one whole day
13. Started drinking tons of water
14. Carried a heavy load from the church, while he's gone
15. Really have bonded with Aleia (we're best buds)
16. Took the girls to the library
17. Haven't cooked at ALL
18. Changed 7 poo poo diapers today
19. Had the young ladies over my house for Bible study and a sleep over
20. Missed Charles a lot

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 days to go......

Only 2 more weeks, and our Daddy will be home

Monday, October 12, 2009

15 more days....

More days to go then he's actually been gone. Counting down the days till we've got the man of the house finally home.

Before bed conversation with Aleia....and here is how it goes:

Me: Aleia where's your Sunday school paper
Aleia: I don't know Mama, I thought you know-d where it is
Me: No you were the one that brought it home
Aleia: Oh yeah! Brie Brie had it
Me: Oh yeah! always blame it on T-REX

So we finally find it and here how the rest of the story goes:
Me: Ok repeat after me
Aleia: Ok repeat after me
Me: UGH! Aleia not every word just your scripture, honey ok
Me: If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature
Aleia: a new preacher
Me: No Aleia a Creature
Me: hahahahahahhehehehehe oh my word Aleia you are so funny
Aleia: Why would Christ make men into Creatures
Me: Um well, yeah I think this scripture is a little to much for you, why don't we wait till Daddy gets home, lets just focus on "Children obey your parents for this is right"
Aleia: Yeah, Mom your cool

So this is how many of our conversations have been going as of late. Just before I turned her light out, I said honey when the Bible says a new creature it means a new person.....she says "well Mom then why doesn't it just say person". Aleia is our little thinker, full of personality and has one huge imagination.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

16 more days....

Thirteen down Sixteen more to go till Charles arrives back home from the states.

Aleia, Brienna and I have been going along with our normal routine of life. Today was church and we had a wonderful service. Pastor Suppan preached on reaching the lost and he had each person stand that had been invited by someone in the church. Then he had each of them stand by the person who invited them and it almost consist of the whole church. It really was an amazing reality of how personal evangelism is the key to getting your friends, family and even strangers to come to church.

After service, I had promised the girls I would take them to McDonalds. Europe has the best McDonalds, you really would never catch me at a McDonalds in America other then maybe for their sausage, egg and cheese bisquit or for a LARGE sweet ice tea. Both girls were thrilled. I asked Brienna if she wanted Chicken nuggets and it was so cute she shook her head yes.

Now we're home, Aleia is playing with her horses and Brienna is napping. It's cold outside, I'm wrapped in a blanket and debating whether to do dishes, laundry or just snuggle up and pretend I have no responsibilities.

Aleia coloring a picture during church

Saturday, October 10, 2009

17 more days...

Yesterday Aleia asked for her daddy about 20 times, she said "when is daddy coming home"? and I said I'm not sure why don't we go count and see how many more days we have.

So from today we've started a count down so that she can try to rationalize in her little mind that he is coming home.

17 more days.....the trick is that Daddy is bringing tons of surprises home so to her she says' She'll be fine for 17 more days.

Her list for Daddy:

1. Dive Barbie
2. Dolphin Barbie
3. Leap Frog game
4. Cool Boots
5. Cool Tights

If Brienna was old enough and had an understanding that Daddy always brings cool surprises home she'd have a list too, but I'm sure her list for now would consist of:

1. Tons of Kisses
2. Lots of Hugs
3 1 full hour of WRESTLE time

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

MHR's Friday

Just a little update on Charles, for one he rocks, I love him and miss him so much and we still have 25 more days until he returns back to Vienna from America.

Charles is a great Pastor and Evangelist who is always evolving and trying to make things more organized and better. He loves to train men and women in how to become wonderful Ministers.

He finds such joy in his two beautiful girls and is thankfully still happily in love with ME:-)

Charles has a nick name for almost everyone he knows.....he is easy to love and has a big heart, he gives and gives and keeps on giving.

He celebrated his Birthday in America yesterday and we weren't able to reach him until very late in the night and by that time Aleia and Brienna were already sleeping. Wish we could have been with him on his special day. Happy Belated Birthday to my sweet man.

We love and miss you.....Hurry Home!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our little Diva

Brienna has started to love little purses, big bows, sun glasses and Mama's high heel shoes, she is proving to be a little diva. She has been saying so many words such as (sit, shoes, thank you, what cha doin, Aleia, Mama, Daddy and Hi).

She loves to eat, drink anything and finds pleasure in wrestling with her Daddy and sister any chance she gets, of course she won't try to wrestle with me, she just gives me great big hugs and pats me on the back as if she knows I'm a fragile being:-)

Brienna loves taking baths, and is most happy being bare footed and at home making messes.

She never has her paci out of site and as of right now she still is not sleeping through the night, ugh!!!! Brie has 13 teeth and loves to give big smiles and waves to everyone she see's. She is such a delight to watch as she learns something new everyday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Special thank you...

I read Pam Brown's post today from her husband (blog: the day to day) and I couldn't resist posting this heart felt letter from my husband that he put in his weekly update letter to the Vienna church. Sometimes we go for so long thinking that our duties and responsibility's as a Mother, and a wife are taken for granite and minimized. Thank you honey for such a sweet and honoring love letter.

Special Thank You:

I want to specifically say thank you to Sis. Robinette for the sacrifices she makes daily and has made for 15 years being married to me. She has faithfully stood by my side in many different modes of ministry. As Sunday School teachers, church cleaners, youth leaders, evangelist, pastors, church planters and so much more; she has worked hard and with love for the church first. For five years in Belgium & Switzerland we carried our laundry to the laundry mat weekly and sat for hours doing laundry in less than favorable conditions. But she sacrificed and kept a right spirit always! For 5 years we had no car as missionaries in two countries. We walked in the rain, walked in the snow and walked in heavy wind but she never complained. Her faith has been amazing! I thank her for all she has done! As most of you know, raising children is not easy! Parenting takes courage, discipline, patients, sacrifice and many other qualities that none of us probably actually possessed before we had kids. Ha-ha. The Lord gave us children to perfect things in us. Sis. Robinette has such a desire to be active in every daughter work, ministry in the church and activity that is happening each week but I truly believe that raising Aleia and Brienna must be her first priority. For me or anyone to expect her to do everything and raise kids is both unfair and an unnecessary burden that we would not want to carry ourselves. I felt the Lord told me to encourage her tonight that she was in a very special phase in her ministry; it is a ministry to her children first, the Vienna church second and daughter works third. I am so thankful to have a great wife! She has proven herself to God, me and multitudes all around the world and I could never thank her enough for all she has done. But I believe at this point in our marriage and ministry God is using her to raise up children in the righteousness of God first. When our babies are a little bigger she will be able to give herself to everything again but now I have asked her to only focus on Vienna until Brienna is not so dependent on her. You only get one chance to raise babies and we must do this right. Thank you baby for doing such a good job in this new phase of our life and ministry!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Aleia started preschool and has finished her 2 full weeks of what they call Kindergarten. It is a beautiful, clean facility 5 bus stops or a 15 minute walk down the street. It is a class of 21 children from the ages 3-6 and Aleia is the only English speaking child. She has two teachers, Sabine who speaks fairly well in English and Barbara who only speaks German.

When Aleia and I walked in on her first day all the children and teachers looked at us like we were from Mars, the children were yelling "AH-LEAH, AH-LEAH, AH-LEAH, speaks English." Aleia kept saying Mama why are they all saying that. As the week went on they were amazed by all her cute hair styles, the teachers would even come out to admire them, yeah Aleia is a little celebrity at her new school but they are getting use to her hair and her English. She has 2 little friends named Sara and Sophie and she is pretty close to her teacher that she clings to when she is feeling overwhelmed by all the German.

She goes from 9-12:30 but she is on a waiting list to stay until 2p.m as of right now it is enough, she is learning a lot and her interaction with other children and behavior has already improved significantly.

They have little tables they eat at, with a little buffet that they are able to walk up to and get anything they would like, it is all mini size for them. They have little sinks and toilets and everything with a lady bug on it is Aleia's, she was pretty proud that they picked her to be the lady bug and asked me "How did they know Mama."

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Have we become so busy that we've let the basics slip out from underneath us. Let's get back to the basics. Family, God, and the Church!

Satan called a worldwide convention of demons.

In his opening address he said,

"We can't keep Christians from going to church."

"We can't keep them from reading their Bibles and knowing the truth...."

"We can't even keep them from forming an intimate relationship with
Their SAVIOR."

"Once they gain that connection with JESUS, our power over them is

"So let them go to their churches; let them have their covered dish
BUT steal their time, so they don't have time to develop a relationship

"This is what I want you to do," said the devil:

"Distract them from gaining hold of their SAVIOR and maintaining that
Vital connection throughout their day!"

"How shall we do this?" his demons shouted.

"Keep them busy in the nonessentials of life and invent innumerable
Schemes to occupy their minds," he answered....

"Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow."

"Persuade the wives to go to work for long hours and the husbands to
6-7 days each week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their empty

"Keep them from spending time with their children."

"As their families fragment, soon, their homes will offer no escape from
The pressures of work!"

"Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot hear that still, small

"Entice them to play the radio or I-Pod whenever they drive." To
Keep the TV, DVDs, CDs and their PCs going constantly in their home and
To it that every store and restaurant in the world plays non-biblical

"This will jam their minds and break that union with CHRIST."

"Fill the coffee tables with magazines and newspapers."

"Pound their minds with the news 24 hours a day."

"Invade their driving moments with billboards."

"Flood their mailboxes with junk mail, mail order catalogs, sweepstakes,
Every kind of newsletter and promotional offering free products,
And false hopes."

"Keep skinny, beautiful models on the magazines and TV so their husbands
Will believe that outward beauty is what's important, and they'll
Become dissatisfied with their wives. "

"Keep the wives too tired to love their husbands at night."

"Give them headaches too! "

"If they don't give their husbands the love they need, they will begin
Look elsewhere."

"That will fragment their families quickly!"

"Give them Santa Claus to distract them from teaching their children the
Real meaning of Christmas."

"Give them an Easter bunny so they won't talk about HIS resurrection
And power over sin and death..."

"Even in their recreation, let them be excessive."

"Have them return from their recreation exhausted."

"Keep them too busy to go out in nature and reflect on GOD'S creation.
Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, plays, concerts, and

"Keep them busy, busy, busy!"

"And when they meet for spiritual fellowship, involve them in gossip and
Small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences."

"Crowd their lives with so many good causes they have no time to seek
Power from JESUS."

"Soon they will be working in their own strength, sacrificing their
And family for the good of the cause."

"It will work!"

"It will work!"

It was quite a plan!

The demons went eagerly to their assignments causing Christians
To get busier &more rushed, going here & there.

Having little time for their GOD or their families.

Having no time to tell others about the power of JESUS to change lives.

I guess the question is, has the devil been successful in his schemes?

You be the judge!!!!!

Does "BUSY" mean: B-eing U-nder S-atan's Y-oke?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peek a "BOO"

Our Little Boo Bear loves to play peek a boo in any place she can find possible. Even if it finds her in places she isn't able to find her way out of. Brienna loves to go under the dinning room table and hide, play peek a boo or have us chase her under there. There are even times when she is in trouble and thinks by hiding under the table is some how going to pro long her punishment.

In the last two weeks she has become more stable on her little feet. She finally follows her sister around by walking and not crawling. It has made it easier not to have her on my hip at all times but it's caused me a lot more work at church since she is able just to walk off, I have to always make sure someone has her so she doesn't make her way out of the main door.

While she is walking she acts like she knows exactly where she is going and NO ONE is going to stop her, she already sets her mind toward the prize and goes full steam after it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heather and Brianna's visit

The minute Heather and Brianna landed we were off to tour them around and enjoy all the things Vienna and Croatia have to offer. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of their trip here.

We went to museums, cafe's, a palace, horse show, the market, an opera, concentration camp, shopping and traveled to Croatia to tour them around a castle from the 14oo's. I told them they have seen more of these two countries in one week then I had seen in the 2 years that I've been here.

It was nice to learn a little of the history and it got us out of our box of doing we've decided that every other Tuesday we will do something new to learn more about Vienna and the countries around us. You just end up taking your surroundings for granted. It is the same as being in the states, most people never know anything about the state they live in or what there is to offer. I always wondered why people would come on vacation to Michigan when we always left Michigan to go on vacation, now that I'm older and have an appreciation of it all, I now see how much there really is to do in the great lake state:-)

We enjoyed them being here and are so thankful they took the time to come this far to visit with us. Aleia cried the day we had to take Auntie Der to the airport, she is really has started to understand that when people come from the states they don't stay but they have to go back to their own home, it's not easy on a 4 year old to understand why people come and go so often.

Friday, September 4, 2009

MHR's Friday

A love letter from my husband on my Birthday!

My Austrian Princess,

Happy Birthday!!

You are so special to me! I am so thankful to the Lord that He has given me such an amazing wife, friend, and lover! I could never imagine living this life without you by my side! You have been my strength, my stabilizer, my encourager, my "HOT" cheerleader, my help, my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my partner to laugh with, my treasure, my only happiness, and everything I need and want!

Thank you for being so perfect! Thank you for knowing my needs before I ask! Thank you for giving so much continually! Thank you for being willing to follow me all over the world! Thank you for fearing nothing! Thank you for keeping faith! Thank you for being such an example of holiness! Thank you for calming me when rage fills my heart! Thank you for being my balance in everything!

All my love to you my forever love and see you soon!

I love you with my life, heart, body and soul!

Your lover,


My husband rocks because even on days I don't feel that I am the person above that he explains, he always makes sure that I feel secure, safe and loved. I love it that after all these years he can still find such kind words to write in a love letter. He is my best friend, the one who understands me the most.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great give away

As I approach the one year anniversary of my blog I wish I could say that I had a great give away one that would catch every viewer and many responses but as I set here I can only offer a give away that will allow your imagination to run wild.

1. What if I could offer you this great Jag? (imagine where you would take it for a spin to?)
2. What if I offered you enough money to buy a Jag? (would you? and what color would it be?)
3. What if I had a Jag and gave you one whole day with it? (who would you take with you?)

Imagination give away rule: #1 Sky is the limit, let your imagination take you away in this spectacular silver, leather interior gorgeous Jag. Would you take me with you????

Saturday, August 29, 2009

15 years ago August 27, 1994

Thursday we celebrated our 15 year Anniversary. We had a wonderful dinner at a Sea food restaurant and then took a romantic horse and carriage ride through the city of Vienna.

As you all know Charles had planned this huge surprise get away to Greece, for 3 nights and 4 days. He had been planning it for months. With everything in order, every "t" crossed and ever "i" dotted, we were to leave on the 25th of August for our blissful weekend. To my dismay I became utterly emotional and irrational, could not come to grips with leaving the baby. Still nursing, yet thinking that I would just stop cold turkey was not an option when it came to the night before leaving. I had the girls ready for Heather, all their clothes prepared, food ready and all the documents needed for her to watch them.

As I was getting our suit case ready, I could not stop crying, thinking to myself, what in the world Stacey, your husband has gone to such measures to be sure that you have a spended romantic anniversary and now your gonna blow it. Thoughts like: will he ever forgive me if I tell him I just can't go, will I regret not going to Greece with my husband, will I regret going cold turkey and leaving Brie when I wasn't ready, will Heather think I waisted her time, everyone put so much into my weekend being perfect and now I'm ruining it, ( were all in my mind)! Not being able to think rationally I sat down and talked to Charles privately and then talk to Heather privately, they both said I had to make the decision that I needed to go with what my heart was telling me....ugh!!!!! My heart, my mind, oh my I couldn't tell what was true or not, I was certainly experiencing something I never thought was separation anxiety...WHAT ME!!!! No way! I can't believe this, come on Stacey just snap out of it. Well the morning came, I had not slept a bit, cried all night and finally decided not to go to Greece. I know I'll be apologizing to my husband for years to come for disappointing him so terribly by not being able to be strong enough to leave Brie-Brie. I'll never understand fully of what was going on in my head, emotions and heart (hormones) but I'm better now and after all, we did have a wonderful anniversary just being with one another. It is not the destination that makes love last another year but it is the consistent love, faithfulness and passion we have for one another that makes our relationship strong.....I look forward to many anniversary's to come and know that just because we didn't make it to Greece this year doesn't mean we won't get our chance another time.

Charles was so sweet to me, he said it is just the stage of life we are in right now. I'm so thankful to have spent this many years with my best friend.....My husband!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heather's arrival

Last time we were able to see Heather was November 2008 while we were in Wisconsin! So excited that she is coming to Vienna to visit, never thought she'd make it our exciting.

So excited about Heather's arrival, the girls and I are getting ready for her to fly in tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. We've got a full itinerary planned the minute she steps foot on Vienna soil. See she likes a schedule, a eating plan, and just the times when we will be sleeping, touring and going to church. So I prepared the whole outline for her. Most of you might be saying well that sounds more like you, but really I'm very spontaneous and don't tend to plan all those details when traveling, that is Charles job.

I always wondered why my Sister and other Mothers would not tell their children that someone was coming or tell them of an exciting event coming up prior to it's arrival time. I now have learned the hard way. I thought I would just prepare Aleia and tell her that "Auntie Der" was coming to watch her and baby while Mommy and Daddy went on a 4 day date to Greece. I believe I told her on my Birthday which was August 2nd, so all of you Mothers can relate what a nightmare it has been every night before putting Allie to bed when Auntie Der has not arrived yet.

Her arrival time is finally here.....and Aleia keeps running around the house saying "this is the best day of my life" hahaha! In all the 4 years of her life today is the best, how sweet. I don't think she understands she still has to wait one more night, but we'll do the whole routine again tonight.

I had to discipline Aleia last night and I asked her why she was acting with such unexplained behavior and she said "Cause I'm "A sited" in other words she is "excited" that Auntie Der is on her way and so are we.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Charles was suppose to leave this afternoon for his 3rd annual trip to Malawi, Africa. He is apart of what they call the "A" team. A group of men who go to this particular village and minister for 9 days. Many months of prep time goes into getting such an event organized.

Much Prayer, Fasting and Finances go into such an event to be effective.

Tragically we received a call yesterday afternoon saying that the Assistant leader of the crusade had passed away with a sudden heart attack and that the Head leader had just suffered from a stroke the night before. Such attacks!

Sad to say the crusade has been canceled and Charles will not be leaving today to be apart of an event he prepares and looks forward to every year. He is most happy when he is able to be apart of a life being changed forever.

As Charles was preaching yesterday, it was the best I believe I've ever heard him preach, he was ministering to the whole body on " A season of sacrifice". As he was preaching I had this overwhelming urge to pray for him, I felt that it would be the last time I would see him. Would this be my season of sacrifice, as tears of the unknowing begin to swell in my eyes, not wanting to give my husband up yet, but willing if that is what the Lord wanted, I began to pray and ask God what ever was done that he keep His protecting hand upon my husband in everything he did in Malawi and bring him home safely.

After service we got the call the crusade was canceled, I told my husband what I felt in service and he said he felt that it would be the last time he'd preach in the pulpit also.

I do know that all things are in the Lords control, I thank Him for His loving hand of protection and keeping our men and team safe from harm.

Please remember Malawi, the village of people who this has affected and the men on the "A" team. Let this not be a set back for the word and truth to be spread into this village of desperate people.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MHR's Friday

Last Sunday marked a very special day for me, I turned 33. I told myself like I do every year, it's just another day, don't get all crazy emotional, homesick and sentimental. That mind set has been working for me for the last few years.

My Mom would make such a big deal out of every special day, we would come home on St. Patrick's day and have a basket full of goodies, Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas and of course our Birthdays. She continued to feel that she had to over do the giving for the lack of us having a Father in the home. She raised my sister and I the best she knew how and in doing so she made us feel so special on each Holiday which causes our expectations to be pretty high:-) I always tell Charles "it's my Mothers fault" but really I wouldn't trade the memories for the world and I plan to do the same for our girls (lol)

This particular Birthday Charles was in America for a dear friend and mentors funeral. My immidiate family are facing a lot of obstacles and are all scattered in different states. I knew I wouldn't see Charles, I wouldn't hear from my Mom, most likely my Dad would call while I was in church because of the time change, and Brandy my sister doesn't have a means of calling me. I woke up and prayed that God would not let me be petty, that I would be content in what I had and consider it a wonderful day because I had breath in my lungs, food on my table, a beautiful home to live in, a loving husband, healthy beautiful girls, and a loving church family, I'd say that should be enough:-)

That is just what I did and the day was going so great. As church begin that morning, there was nothing out of the ordinary which I was thankful for. The worship service was over and Sis. Suppan our Assistant Pastors wife got up and called me to the front, she said a few nice things and then presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a nice card with a gift certificate in it to a very nice store here in Vienna called Mango. I was so thankful for the nice presentation.....but she said there was more after church. At that time my mind began to run crazy, was Charles here to surprise me, were we going to do a conference call with him, was Heather coming here, after church were they taking me to the airport to fly to an unknown island full of fresh fruit and exotic flowers.....what was it, what could be more, what did they plan? My stomach was in knots and my mind was in full expectation of what lie ahead.

After service I entered into the Board room to find an elegant display of cakes, coffee, tea and red rosses everywhere, it smelled like a botanical garden when I entered. I was overwhelmed with joy and my heart was full of appreciation to everyone for making this day such a special day for me.

They had a slide presentation of different things I had been involved in this last year along with a few gifts for me to open. As I began to open Charles gift everyone was so excited. It was a photo album with a typed letter in it from him......I will post it in my next MHR's Post. At the end he said I hope this day meets up to all your expectations....and I said well I really thought Heather was going to jump out of a closet or a cake. At the moment I opened the photo album and there was a picture of Heather by a airplane and it said at 8 p.m she will arrive. (WHEN) today? Tomorrow? next week? Charles had this album made, it told the story leading up to the day of our Anniversary surprise...... Charles leaves on August 17th for Africa, Heather arrives on the 21st, to spend a few days with us, the 22nd we go to the orchestra, August 25th I meet Charles at the airport for our 15 year anniversary get away to Greece while Heather watches our girls.

Did it meet up to the best Birthday ever.......EVEN BETTER! My husband rocks, he always makes up for the difference, he might have to be gone a lot, travel here and there but he always makes it up, he is so thoughtful and romantic and really does care about the small things that please me and make me happy. I will cherish the story book he had made, it was a very special Birthday. Honey you rock!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009