Sunday, November 8, 2009

Song on my heart

Today is Sunday, a day where I normally rise 2 hours before
the family, iron clothes,prepare snacks for the day, prepare
my mind for the day, get myself ready, wake Aleia up
get her ready, wake Brie up,get her ready, feed them, drink
a cup of coffee and head out the door in order to make it
to church on time to unlock the doors and welcome all the
great saints of the C.O.A.

Yet this morning was a bit different. Well I should say
last night was a bit different. Brienna was coughing all
night, which had me so worried. There is so much sickness
going around lately that a runny nose, sniffle, or any kind
of cold symptons seem to lead to something a lot worse.
I couldn't rest very well, just thinking of Brie being sick,
thinking of Stellan's heart surgery today, MckMama and her

Counting my blessing of healthy strong children, I couldn't
help getting all emotional about thinking this could be my
child, in it all I could not sleep, stayed up most of the
night,praying, crying, and of all things missing my own Mom.
Just remembering all the wonderful things she has taught me
and wishing so much I could grab a cup of coffee and sit
and chat with her, knowing that if she could hear me, she
would encourage me and say something that would lift my
spirits and if she didn't have anything to say, I know
she would fall on her knees and pray.

My Mom taught me how to pray, she taught me everything
I know about being a great Mother to my own babies.

I miss her so much.

As I sit here knowing that our own service is going on,
I have a song on my heart and I pray it encourages you
all as it has me.

Dancing Generations

Your mercy taught us how to dance

To celebrate with all we have

And we'll dance to thank You for mercy

Your glory taught us how to shout

To lift Your name in all the earth

And we'll shout to the praise of Your glory

It's the overflow

Of a forgiven soul

And now we've seen You, God

Our hearts cannot stay silent

And we'll be a dancing generation

Dancing because of Your great mercy, Lord

Your great mercy, Lord

And we'll be a shouting generation

Shouting because of Your great glory, Lord

Your great glory, Lord 


The Brown's said...

what an inspirational message today. You are an amazing women. Your girls, Charles, your friends, and your church are so lucky to have you in their lives! I feel blessed to be counted as one of those people:) Hugs to you today!

Karen said...

"the overflow of a forgiven soul"
I like that phrase.

Hope you can get your needed rest. today. I know your family missed you this morning!

Kendra Lynn said...

Aw, Stace: I'm glad the Lord encouraged you with a song. I'm sorry you miss your mom, I know its hard. I love you, friend. Hugs and love coming to you from all of the Lynn's.