Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full Boxes

Charles has been home now for one full week and we are getting back into our normal routine, well normal to us that is.

He arrived on Tuesday of last week and was home Wednesday and Thursday, then we had to drive to Germany for the weekend for district board meetings where he was voted in as Superintendant of Austria and Germany.

We left Aleia with Savannah and for the first time we left Brienna over night with Sis. Amber. It wasn't easy having to take them to someone's house and having them stay at two different places, I had to pack double of everything.

I have to say it is easier just to take them with you.....you don't worry about them getting lost, hurt, hungry or afraid. Plus when you come home it takes 4 days to make them understand (1) that your not leaving again for a long time and (2nd) "We are the boss" (LOL)!

When we got home we had 2 full boxes of goodies from America. One box was what Charles mailed while he was in the states full of things from him and from Mimi and Big Papa, the second box was from Scott and Kendra. Thanks a bunch for all the wonderful goodies.....we love when full boxes come to our door.


Kendra Lynn said...

Yay! Glad the box arrived so quickly! Enjoy the goodies. Lots of love!


Stacey said...

Aleia LOVES the leapster game and I'll be reading people for a while.....thanks girl, your the best.

Kendra Lynn said...

You know I love doing it. What do the girls want for Christmas? I better get a headstart on the next box. :) What do YOU want?
And Charles? I know he wants Starburst, but what else?
Love you lots.

The Brown's said...

how sweet of your friend and charles to send boxes. I bet the girls just go crazy. So happy for you that the boy is home and that you got to spend a little time just the two of you!

The Brown's said...

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