Friday, November 6, 2009

MHR's Friday

A rare moment where Brienna is cuddling, she is so busy and would rather be making a mess or wrestling.

So proud of Charles, with him just getting back from the states where he really worked so hard to raise funds for the church here in Vienna. I know it is so hard for him to be away from the church and not to mention his girls and myself. He hasn't been feeling very well and he's been very busy yet finding time to do a few little things around here to help with the girls and get some things that have been suffering around the house.

He ordered Aleia's darkening shade for her room..2 weeks for delivery.
He got a new windshield wiper for the van
Bought the caulk for our room to seal off all the wholes so no more bee's.....yes! On Monday night he actually got stung by one while we were sleeping, he thought it was a dream but when he ripped the covers off their sat (Bary Bensin) just chillin out in our bed. His thumb is red, swollen and itchy.

My husband rocks because with all the things he has to juggle and all the things that are at hand taking his attention he has still found time to help put Aleia to bed for the past 2 nights, and make time to wrestle with Brienna.


Kendra Lynn said...

Aww...sorry Charles got stung, but glad you are getting the bee situation under control.
Love you guys.

The Brown's said...

such a good an to take care of ALL the needs of his family! Your husband does rock:)

I was thinking that if you wanted me to I would help you make a new header. If you want to email me whatever photos you want to use and an idea of what you would like I would be happy to put together a couple of options and email them to you. Then if you want to use them great if not no big deal. What do you think?