Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee give away

Read on to find out about the great coffee give away!!!!

Just when I think I'm safe and can get by with the little German I know and tell myself there is no need to stress myself out in taking an intensive German course, that is when my precious little toddler decides while we are standing in the grocery line, ready to place all the items on the belt, grabs the huge glass bottle of garlic salt and drops it right on the slab floor.....oh no Rexie did not just do that.

Thoughts going through my head at that very moment:

1. This is not happening
2. I'm in a hurry
3. I don't want people to know I'm American
4. I want to seem like I'm fine
5. Oh this is normal, but why now
6. How do I tell someone my daughter made a mess
7. Do I just leave it and let everyone behind me think I'm irresponsible
8. Need to take a German course
9. Will I be apologizing on Brie's behalf much longer:-) (Probably)lol!
10. Oh Lord just get me out of here, now and fast.

Well I did just leave it, said excuse me about 5 times in German cause that's all that would come to out to the car, chest pounding, back dripping in sweat, put Brienna in the car, loaded the groceries, popped my favorite cd in and turned it up as loud as I could without blaring our ear drums out, drove through the Mcdonalds drive through to get a coffee and sat in the parking lot on Brunner strasse sipping on my coffee dreaming of being on a an island (by myself),where facials, pedicures, all you can eat, sheets so soft you felt like you were in heaven, bathing in a tub full of mint and rose, and catering to only me was available.

Oh my are all of you feeling like it is about time for me to get a break.....? Or most of you are probably wishing you could come along too. Sounds pretty selfish, but it's real, I get tired, and overwhelmed but it isn't anything that a 1 great nights of sleep can't fix.

Share what great place a hot cup of coffee takes you.....the best journey that you take me on will win a wonderful blend of Vienna coffee. You have until Saturday!


Kendra Lynn said...

Hmmm...let's see...I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I LOVE getting a hot mocha and sitting in silence, sipping it. I usually imagine its a cold winter's evening...I'm curled up on the couch with a wonderful book and a fire in the fireplace. Sigh...peace and quiet!

Karen said...

Ooh, I love me a fresh cup of coffee!

I'd take my cup--with flavored creamer, of course--out to our backyard, on a crisp autumn morning. I'd sit on our wooden swing and just sip as I watch the sun rise.