Friday, November 27, 2009

MHR's Friday

Lithuania was the trip of the week for Charles. Great things happened during the time he was ministering there.

He got to meet The Miller family and spend an early Thanksgiving with them. Just in time to get some practice on making a Turkey for our little Thanksgiving gathering here in Vienna.

He came home on Tuesday.......each trip he takes he comes home baring many gifts to the girls and I. He got Aleia a beautiful princess story sticker book and Brienna a little Elephant we named "Ellie". To my surprise he didn't have a gift for me. I needed him to run to the store to get a few things for the dinner I was preparing an when he came in he had a bouquet of 12 beautiful long stem red and pink roses in his arms "all for me". My husband Rocks....what a thoughtful man.

His next trip planned is Germany and then to Spain............girls love gifts, girls love purses, perfume and flowers but most of all they love it when Daddy is home in his big brown chair reading stories, praying and showing us how much he loves us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Parenting Challenges.....

As many of my readers know Charles and I had our first baby after 11 years of marriage, then 3 years later I turned 31 and had another baby. We've been married now 15 years and although the wedding bells still ring loud and clear in my ears, it is parenting that has brought many surprising issues to the table.

We have found it is necessary to weekly evaluate the many stages are girls so quickly phase into.

It is not always an easy task being in unity as we come together and address the parenting issues that bring such daily challenges to us. We have found that it is very important to communicate on how we will deal with each demanding challenge our beautiful girls go through.

Recently I was feeling like I was not meeting up to the expectations of Charles as the Mother to his seemed that when he would come around he would be implementing boundaries for them that I was not aware of so therefore I was not following through with them once he left. We had a long discussion on what I felt was a fight worth fighting over with a 1 year old and a 4 year old and he expressed the fights he felt were worth fighting over. It came to one common ground rule or equal expectation and that is "being consistent", which is a full time job all in it's self.

Wouldn't it be nice if parenting came with blue prints or an instructional book that way you could avoid some of these issues before that put their nasty head up.

My mother raised me and my sister on her own, I saw the hardships she faced in being a single parent, yet through it all I think she did an amazing job, she was such a great example of a loving, praying and hard working mother. I can only pray and hope that I will be as good of a Mama as my mother was. She wasn't super strict but the things she had issues with she stuck strong to them, even if I didn't understand them. Many would say she wasn't strict or consistent enough but I suppose the fruit of her labor stands the test of time and tells the critics in her day the final story.....she was an AWESOME mother under all the circumstances she raised us the best she could. (Thank you Mom)

I often tell Charles I don't know how my Mom did it, she was a strong women, is all I can say.

The most difficult challenge of all is that Charles is gone about 2 weeks out of every month, many of you military Mama's will be able to relate to this one. Well I'm the Mama and Daddy for those 2 weeks, then I am immediately suppose to take the Daddy hat off the minute he comes do you do that? Well it is not easy.....but I love him, respect him, honor him and I am submitted to him, so those in itself make it easier to defer to him as the Daddy and Man of the home. Our girls need his consistent affection, his instruction, his correction, his encouragement and his love.

Several things I have found to make these parenting challenges a bit less stressful is:
-Setting boundaries
-Communicate Weekly
-Be Consistent

We are striving to be the best parents we can be, to raise our girls to be respectful, well behaved, God fearing women. Through all the daily challenges parenting brings, I can say at the end of the night, I am so proud and thankful God blessed us with such beautiful, healthy little girls.

For it is the challenges in life that make us who we are and what we will become.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner list

We were debating on having Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year, since in Austria they don't celebrate this great Holiday. It isn't easy to come by a good full 23 pound turkey, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie. Not to mention all of the work it requires to prepare and clean up after such a feast.

As I sat thinking about the memories I had growing up.....many Thanksgivings at The Robinette home, lots of food, fun games and a great spirit of togetherness I can't help but give in and say yes "I'll cook" this year. Besides I really am a softy when it comes to making the most out of a memory and am truly the most sentimental person you'll ever meet.

We have 6 Americans here not including our family of 4. So it should be a great time of fun and fellowship.

Thanksgiving Dinner list:
-Rolls & Butter
-Drinks, Coffee, Cream & Sugar
-Broc/Cali salad
-Turkey (if we can find one)
-Mash Potatoes & Gravy (a must)
-Cranberry sauce
-Small relish tray
-Green bean casserole
-Baked Mac n cheese
-Macaroni Salad
-Crab dip
-Grape salad

Is there anything I'm missing?

What is on your list for Thanksgiving? Any easy great Turkey Day recipes? Send them my way....To a great week of preparing wonderful food, fun and togetherness. Let us all be reminded of the things to be Thankful for.

Friday, November 20, 2009

MHR's Friday

This Monday we had to drive to Croatia to get mine and the girls stamp updated in our passport's, although Charles did not need a stamp since he just recently arrived back from America he still was willing to take us there and set two good days aside. Even though it was not on his schedule and actually not the most convenient thing for him to do he still planned a wonderful time away and made it special for all of us.

For me: He knows how much I love to take a bath and since we do not have one in our house he always makes sure that is one perk the hotel has before booking it. We stayed in the Regent hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. It was so beautiful, the tub was GREAT!

For Aleia: She loves it when we go to a hotel that has a private room for her, it makes her feel so had just that, one room for us and a separate room where we made her bed on the sofa, she was in heaven.

For Brienna: Great staff who are taken by her at every chance they get to see her. Her smile can make any bell boy smile:-) and the more attention she gets the happier she is. It also helped that the hotel had tons of drawers and closets for her to hide in and open.

My husband rocks: He is always so thoughtful, that even though we must travel often he makes sure that all of our needs are met.

I think I might have gotten our Christmas picture while we were in Zagreb.....very cool city, they have the cafe's outside, and they are heated with tall heaters, it was a city full of history, great food and amazing fashion. I look forward to going back there again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not one but 2 WINner's

I was hoping that the sound of a delicious blend of Vienna Coffee would prompt more of you to leave a dream get away comment. I have to say the 2 of you that left a comment, I was able to go right to the place that a nice warm cup of coffee takes you. I would say at this point just going up stairs to the bathroom by myself would be a dream get away....sure most of you can relate.

To Karen and Kendra thank you for your relaxing comments.....your reward will be delivered to you soon.

I plan to have more great giveaway's in the next coming year. I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming along with us on our families journey. Hope you all enjoy the posts and updates on the journey we are on and know that we love receiving all of your great comments.

Wasn't able to do my normal MHR'S Friday post...(my husband rocks)! So here it is:

Charles has always been a dreamer, the most amazing thing is that he has always been able to convey his burden, and cast a believable vision that is tangable .....he has the wonderful ability to see big possiablitys, look past set backs, and see the grand picture. He knows just how to deal with things case by case, priortize and hardly ever gets discouraged. He rocks at seeing things before they go wrong and fixing them before they get out of hand. He truly is amazing and is always surprising me with the patients, love and persistence he has for his family and the church. (I think My Husband Rocks......if you were wondering):-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee give away

Read on to find out about the great coffee give away!!!!

Just when I think I'm safe and can get by with the little German I know and tell myself there is no need to stress myself out in taking an intensive German course, that is when my precious little toddler decides while we are standing in the grocery line, ready to place all the items on the belt, grabs the huge glass bottle of garlic salt and drops it right on the slab floor.....oh no Rexie did not just do that.

Thoughts going through my head at that very moment:

1. This is not happening
2. I'm in a hurry
3. I don't want people to know I'm American
4. I want to seem like I'm fine
5. Oh this is normal, but why now
6. How do I tell someone my daughter made a mess
7. Do I just leave it and let everyone behind me think I'm irresponsible
8. Need to take a German course
9. Will I be apologizing on Brie's behalf much longer:-) (Probably)lol!
10. Oh Lord just get me out of here, now and fast.

Well I did just leave it, said excuse me about 5 times in German cause that's all that would come to out to the car, chest pounding, back dripping in sweat, put Brienna in the car, loaded the groceries, popped my favorite cd in and turned it up as loud as I could without blaring our ear drums out, drove through the Mcdonalds drive through to get a coffee and sat in the parking lot on Brunner strasse sipping on my coffee dreaming of being on a an island (by myself),where facials, pedicures, all you can eat, sheets so soft you felt like you were in heaven, bathing in a tub full of mint and rose, and catering to only me was available.

Oh my are all of you feeling like it is about time for me to get a break.....? Or most of you are probably wishing you could come along too. Sounds pretty selfish, but it's real, I get tired, and overwhelmed but it isn't anything that a 1 great nights of sleep can't fix.

Share what great place a hot cup of coffee takes you.....the best journey that you take me on will win a wonderful blend of Vienna coffee. You have until Saturday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Song on my heart

Today is Sunday, a day where I normally rise 2 hours before
the family, iron clothes,prepare snacks for the day, prepare
my mind for the day, get myself ready, wake Aleia up
get her ready, wake Brie up,get her ready, feed them, drink
a cup of coffee and head out the door in order to make it
to church on time to unlock the doors and welcome all the
great saints of the C.O.A.

Yet this morning was a bit different. Well I should say
last night was a bit different. Brienna was coughing all
night, which had me so worried. There is so much sickness
going around lately that a runny nose, sniffle, or any kind
of cold symptons seem to lead to something a lot worse.
I couldn't rest very well, just thinking of Brie being sick,
thinking of Stellan's heart surgery today, MckMama and her

Counting my blessing of healthy strong children, I couldn't
help getting all emotional about thinking this could be my
child, in it all I could not sleep, stayed up most of the
night,praying, crying, and of all things missing my own Mom.
Just remembering all the wonderful things she has taught me
and wishing so much I could grab a cup of coffee and sit
and chat with her, knowing that if she could hear me, she
would encourage me and say something that would lift my
spirits and if she didn't have anything to say, I know
she would fall on her knees and pray.

My Mom taught me how to pray, she taught me everything
I know about being a great Mother to my own babies.

I miss her so much.

As I sit here knowing that our own service is going on,
I have a song on my heart and I pray it encourages you
all as it has me.

Dancing Generations

Your mercy taught us how to dance

To celebrate with all we have

And we'll dance to thank You for mercy

Your glory taught us how to shout

To lift Your name in all the earth

And we'll shout to the praise of Your glory

It's the overflow

Of a forgiven soul

And now we've seen You, God

Our hearts cannot stay silent

And we'll be a dancing generation

Dancing because of Your great mercy, Lord

Your great mercy, Lord

And we'll be a shouting generation

Shouting because of Your great glory, Lord

Your great glory, Lord 

Friday, November 6, 2009

MHR's Friday

A rare moment where Brienna is cuddling, she is so busy and would rather be making a mess or wrestling.

So proud of Charles, with him just getting back from the states where he really worked so hard to raise funds for the church here in Vienna. I know it is so hard for him to be away from the church and not to mention his girls and myself. He hasn't been feeling very well and he's been very busy yet finding time to do a few little things around here to help with the girls and get some things that have been suffering around the house.

He ordered Aleia's darkening shade for her room..2 weeks for delivery.
He got a new windshield wiper for the van
Bought the caulk for our room to seal off all the wholes so no more bee's.....yes! On Monday night he actually got stung by one while we were sleeping, he thought it was a dream but when he ripped the covers off their sat (Bary Bensin) just chillin out in our bed. His thumb is red, swollen and itchy.

My husband rocks because with all the things he has to juggle and all the things that are at hand taking his attention he has still found time to help put Aleia to bed for the past 2 nights, and make time to wrestle with Brienna.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full Boxes

Charles has been home now for one full week and we are getting back into our normal routine, well normal to us that is.

He arrived on Tuesday of last week and was home Wednesday and Thursday, then we had to drive to Germany for the weekend for district board meetings where he was voted in as Superintendant of Austria and Germany.

We left Aleia with Savannah and for the first time we left Brienna over night with Sis. Amber. It wasn't easy having to take them to someone's house and having them stay at two different places, I had to pack double of everything.

I have to say it is easier just to take them with don't worry about them getting lost, hurt, hungry or afraid. Plus when you come home it takes 4 days to make them understand (1) that your not leaving again for a long time and (2nd) "We are the boss" (LOL)!

When we got home we had 2 full boxes of goodies from America. One box was what Charles mailed while he was in the states full of things from him and from Mimi and Big Papa, the second box was from Scott and Kendra. Thanks a bunch for all the wonderful goodies.....we love when full boxes come to our door.