Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner list

We were debating on having Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year, since in Austria they don't celebrate this great Holiday. It isn't easy to come by a good full 23 pound turkey, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin pie. Not to mention all of the work it requires to prepare and clean up after such a feast.

As I sat thinking about the memories I had growing up.....many Thanksgivings at The Robinette home, lots of food, fun games and a great spirit of togetherness I can't help but give in and say yes "I'll cook" this year. Besides I really am a softy when it comes to making the most out of a memory and am truly the most sentimental person you'll ever meet.

We have 6 Americans here not including our family of 4. So it should be a great time of fun and fellowship.

Thanksgiving Dinner list:
-Rolls & Butter
-Drinks, Coffee, Cream & Sugar
-Broc/Cali salad
-Turkey (if we can find one)
-Mash Potatoes & Gravy (a must)
-Cranberry sauce
-Small relish tray
-Green bean casserole
-Baked Mac n cheese
-Macaroni Salad
-Crab dip
-Grape salad

Is there anything I'm missing?

What is on your list for Thanksgiving? Any easy great Turkey Day recipes? Send them my way....To a great week of preparing wonderful food, fun and togetherness. Let us all be reminded of the things to be Thankful for.

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Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds wonderful....we will be in NJ for Thanksgiving. We will have turkey, sweet potato casserole. Mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry something or the other, and pumpkin pie or apple pie. Rolls and butter...etc.
Hope your Thanksgiving is beautiful and full of love.
I love you.