Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not one but 2 WINner's

I was hoping that the sound of a delicious blend of Vienna Coffee would prompt more of you to leave a dream get away comment. I have to say the 2 of you that left a comment, I was able to go right to the place that a nice warm cup of coffee takes you. I would say at this point just going up stairs to the bathroom by myself would be a dream get away....sure most of you can relate.

To Karen and Kendra thank you for your relaxing comments.....your reward will be delivered to you soon.

I plan to have more great giveaway's in the next coming year. I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming along with us on our families journey. Hope you all enjoy the posts and updates on the journey we are on and know that we love receiving all of your great comments.

Wasn't able to do my normal MHR'S Friday post...(my husband rocks)! So here it is:

Charles has always been a dreamer, the most amazing thing is that he has always been able to convey his burden, and cast a believable vision that is tangable .....he has the wonderful ability to see big possiablitys, look past set backs, and see the grand picture. He knows just how to deal with things case by case, priortize and hardly ever gets discouraged. He rocks at seeing things before they go wrong and fixing them before they get out of hand. He truly is amazing and is always surprising me with the patients, love and persistence he has for his family and the church. (I think My Husband Rocks......if you were wondering):-)


Karen said...

Hope you're able to steal a little time for yourself soon!

Kendra Lynn said... are so KNOW I love reading your blog. I miss you so much! Love you lots.


The Brown's said...

SHOOT! I missed out!!! Life did not allow a lot of computer time for a while! Sick baby and all that comes with it:( Glad you are well and yes your husband does rock:)

Danielle H. said...

Hey lady!!! I heard you were over this way a few weekends ago. Next time you are headed this way let me know. I had nothing going on that day and could have made the short drive over for a hug and a smile :). BTW...we are thinking of making a trip over sometime Feb/Mar depending on your schedule. I have several email addresses for you guys...which is the best one to contact you with?