Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday...DAD

Sending wonderful wishes to my Dad on his special day. Love you so much and wish we could be there to see you blow out ALL those candals.

Happy Birthday....DAD!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brienna was crying today and I said "oh baby, what is wrong, what do you want Mama to do" Aleia said "lets sell her on E-baby.....I was in shock!

You know we're living in a total new day when your 3 year old knows what E-bay is. Well Aleia and I had this long talk about that we would never sell our sister and you don't sell people on E-bay, never imagined I'd be having this type of conversation.

The newest item Aleia wants is a digital camera so she can take pictures and download them onto the "puetter". She also was devastated last night when her daddy forgot the website to the barbie game on the "puetter" WOW! yeah let me tell she is way beyond her's scary! We blame her DADDY!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nursery Babies

Sunday was the last time our nursery will be held in this particular room. Just when we got it all cute and comfortable it's now time we expand and build a new sanctuary, which means we'll loose the nursery for about 4 weeks. It is green and white with a lady and leaf theme, so adorable. When the nursery reopens we promised that it would be even better....we are going to go with a castle theme that will also be very bright and cute.

Here Brienna is with her little buddies, all of which are under 2...from left to right Vanessa, Sis. Lana (not under 2), Shantel, Brienna, Sis. Eunice (not under 2), Rachel and our only boy, Kevin

Brienna is the jolly little happy baby who draws people in with a glare from her bright baby blue's then with one great big smile she steels their heart.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Taking it all in

This morning as Aleia helped me make the French toast, set the table and afterward asked if she could be excused, then proceeded to clean up herself, I couldn't help but feel like I needed to hold her and hang onto all the little things she does so that I don't forget them all. She still has such a little girl in her yet she is trying her independence out each day and it frightens me that it's just all going so fast, one day I'll look back and wonder where did it all go.

Yesterday she overheard her daddy and I talking about her going to school and she of course like she always does piped in on the conversation and said "I don't want to go to High School" her daddy said "well how about we compromise and you'll just go to Kindergarten first....she said yeah! that sounds better:-) hahaha we couldn't help but chuckle.

Different things I never want to forget.
1. How she calls yogurt - Daygurt
2. How she calls Oatmeal-Fruitmeal
3. How each morning she calls for me and says "Sweaty, I have to go Pee-Pee"
4. How she loves how I do her hair
5. How she calls me her best friend and her daddy her Prince Charming
6.How she puts her hand over her mouth to laugh like a little lady
7.How tiny and petite her little hands are
8. How she isn't embarrassed to kiss me or her Daddy
9.How she thinks her baby sister is the best
10.How she loves to pray and have the Bible read to her at Night Night time.

For I know there will be a time I wish the conversation consist of Daygurt, Fruitmeal and what woovie- movie she wants to watch in the morning, I know in a few years things will all change, although I hope and pray she'll always think of her Daddy as her Prince, her sister as the best and me as the most greatest Mommy ever.

Hanging onto the memories.....Just grasping it all and taking it all in, trying not to rush these years, or not appreciate these small moments for it's just a season and passes so quickly.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Social Medicine

We took our girls to the doctor for the first time since we've lived here in Austria and let me first begin by saying it felt like a social, 3rd world, inner city nightmare from a scary movie, you may laugh and think I am exaggerating, I'll let you be the judge of that once you read on.

We arrived to the building where the appointment was on Brunnerstrasse 190 1/8 to find that they had no designating parking for patients, needless to say we parked about 2 blocks from the high rise apartment building where the doctor's office was located. As we walked in the misty rain and cold with both girls I thought to myself "I can do this, keep a good attitude and open mind, remember this is not America".

We walked into a freezing dark hallway to find 7 strollers parked, not knowing that they all belonged to families who would be waiting along with us to see one doctor.

Upon our arrival, the receptionist thankfully had a small vocabulary of English words stored up, she took down our information and told us to go wait in the waiting room which was not bigger then a 100 sq ft room. As we entered into the long hallway, there were 10 crying, coughing, snotty nosed, children side by side with their desperate Mommy's. As I sat there I could here at least 3 different languages being spoken, "Arabic", "German" and "Russian"! Charles, Aleia, Brienna and I stuck out to say the least.

We all waited with patience and anticipation....although I couldn't help but notice each empty, poor and helpless expression on each face. All's I could think is "This doctor better be worth this wait", I was nervous of all the uncertain feelings I had, it was the mother instinct coming out in me and I whispered to Charles and said "do you want to leave". Our appointment was at 5:45p.m and at this time it was already 7p.m, he said we've waited this long let's just see the doctor and then we'll talk later.

Brienna and Aleia were the last patients of the day, we were finally called on at 7:30 p.m. As we entered into the room, it was a disorganized mess, she began speaking in German and the receptionist said "oh no they only speak English, the doctor said hahahahaha oh only English", which was a sign it was not going to go well:-) To make a long story short, I spoke English, Charles spoke the little German he knew and in the end, we used hand and arm signals along with facial expressions to communicate. Brienna got the flu shot, so we think and Aleia was diagonosed with Bronchidits. (This will be Allie's first bad sickness and her first time ever having to take antibiotics)

The receptionist was the one who gave the vaccinations, recorded down what the doctor said, wrote out the perscriptions and after took our money....I told Charles with social medicine I was surprised the receptionist wasn't also the doctor. Yes I said money, it was a 130 EURO, so about 170 dollars, for this social nightmare experience and they only took cash if you didn't have a E card, so I walked out of the office seeming to be all together and as I enterend the cold, dark, long hall my emotions got the best of me and I had a melt down right there...oh it was a tramatic experience, one of which in a few days may actually seem funny but it still is pretty raw right now so the humor of it all is still trying to come through.

This story will hopefully make most of you take a second thought of whether you really like your babies doctor or if you're just being a little to particular.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


RM4C=Revival Makers 4 Christ

The Youth of the Vienna Church (The C.O.A) are
so awesome, here they are signing "The Presence of
the Lord is here". We are so proud of them all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My next project

Is it just me or does everyone love the softness and peace that the Christmas decorations bring to a home. It seems when you take it all down that means it's time to get back to being busy again, having order and getting back to a schedule. Well I'm not yet ready for all that so I think I'll keep the decorations up for about one more week.

Next year I don't plan on adding anything new to the tree other then I'll re-due the bow since it's about 5 years old.

I enjoyed putting up my village houses this year. They were in storage so long I almost forgot how many I had. Aleia enjoyed the village and dose not want me to take it down. This next project will take a lot of motivation....Decorations down!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a cute mess

Brienna has started to show great interest in watching us all eat at the dinner table.

We have just recently introduced a few new taste to her diet. Carrot, Pear, Banana and Apple baby food along with some rice cereal once in a while. Her 3 favorites are Carrots, Pears and Bananas. It seems that the rice cereal is a little to heavy and causes her tummy to be upset, and who ever told you that feeding them rice cereal before bed helps them sleep longer? We were up with her all night last night do to a gassy tummy....not sure I'll do the rice cereal at night again:-)

What a cute mess! Can't help but love that Gerber face.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cookie making at the Mall

For the Holidays we had a cookie making booth in the middle of the mall that is near our house. Every time we passed it I thought Aleia would love this. One day I got the nerve to use the little German I know and ask how much it cost and how old the child had to be. It was FREE, and you had to be 3....Perfect! So I asked Aleia if she wanted to make some cookies, not knowing that the Mommy's and Daddy's were not allowed to stay, she was willing so I said I will be watching you right over there. I have never seen her so nervous, her little face was saying "Mama don't leave". I got the first feelings of what it will be like when I drop her off to school for the first time. She was so brave, and I was very proud of her. She made a dozen cookies and decorated them for her Daddy, they turned out very good and in the end she was proud of herself for being such a big girl. The only problem was that I forgot to tell them her name, so they asked her what her name was in German and she said Aleia but they heard Maiya and that really upset her, she talked about it all the way home that the Hongalish people called her Maiya. She calls anyone who speaks a foreign language "Hongalish people" don't ask me:-)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A review of the last year 2008

January- Stacey's Dad was here to help us get settled into our new home. Found out we're having another little girl. Taught Sis. Jutta how to play Farkle, and made a delicious cake from a mix that Heather sent.

February-Sis. Gabe arrived as our aimer. Our visit to Egypt was not one we would like to remember but alas it did happen this month. We arrived safely back into Vienna. Aleia became a pro at swimming with her floaty. Paid an enormous cell phone bill.

March-Bro. Suppan and his family arrived in Austria, and just a few days later we were blessed to have Bro A and Sis A with us. Visited the Donau Turm restaurant for the first time and loved it. Aleia was spoiled by the Abernathys when they bought her a beautiful purple and pink bike. In just days she was riding all over the place. Our living room was painted and looks beautiful. Celebrated Easter in Germany.

April-Bro. and Sis. Leaman came to do our Missions Conf. We visited the Durnstein Castle and a concentration was so sad. Stacey gained 8 pounds this month:-) Aleia wears big girl pantys in the day and night.

May-Sis. Gabe went back to MO. Aleia has her 3rd Bithday and discovers she love French toast. Alex and Tyler arrive as our aimers for the Summer. The ladies of the Vienna church gave us a surprise Baby shower, Brienna Grace is welcomed into the world.

June-Started a new church in Swettl. Aleia gave up her paci. Many sleepless nights.

July-Kim Dunning came to visit us in Vienna and brought a new light to our music department. Brienna got her US pass port and birth certificate. Brienna first road trip to Holland.

August-Stacey turned 32, Charles did a missions trip to Africa, we had our 14 year Anniversary. Alex left for Michigan

September-Both girls grew and got more beautiful, if that is possible. The church grew, we got a new website. Tyler left for Florida.

October- Brienna got her 2 bottom teeth and she also rolled over. Charles turned 34, the church gave him a wonderful party.

November-Took a trip to America to show the girls off. Did much traveling to raise more funds for Austria. Had Thanksgiving with the Hickman family along with celebrated Christmas/Thanksgiving with the Robinette family. Took a belated 14 year Anniversary trip to Mexico. Got to see many friends and family. Got great news from the insurance company that all the bills from the baby were going to be covered. Celebrated Stacey's Mom's 50th B-day. Brienna had her 1st well baby visit in the states.

December-Both girls came down with terrible colds. Aleia loves Cinderella and has become more interested in starting pre-school. Brienna sat up unassisted. The church gave us a beautiful welcome home basket along with a fellowship after service. Our church banquet was a success, had a wonderful Christmas with the Suppan family, had our vision casting service for the next year. We had many wonderful things happen in the year of 2008 we look forward to 2009. Happy New Year from the Robinette Family, we love you all and hope you will stay in touch.