Monday, January 26, 2009

Nursery Babies

Sunday was the last time our nursery will be held in this particular room. Just when we got it all cute and comfortable it's now time we expand and build a new sanctuary, which means we'll loose the nursery for about 4 weeks. It is green and white with a lady and leaf theme, so adorable. When the nursery reopens we promised that it would be even better....we are going to go with a castle theme that will also be very bright and cute.

Here Brienna is with her little buddies, all of which are under 2...from left to right Vanessa, Sis. Lana (not under 2), Shantel, Brienna, Sis. Eunice (not under 2), Rachel and our only boy, Kevin

Brienna is the jolly little happy baby who draws people in with a glare from her bright baby blue's then with one great big smile she steels their heart.

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