Monday, January 12, 2009

What a cute mess

Brienna has started to show great interest in watching us all eat at the dinner table.

We have just recently introduced a few new taste to her diet. Carrot, Pear, Banana and Apple baby food along with some rice cereal once in a while. Her 3 favorites are Carrots, Pears and Bananas. It seems that the rice cereal is a little to heavy and causes her tummy to be upset, and who ever told you that feeding them rice cereal before bed helps them sleep longer? We were up with her all night last night do to a gassy tummy....not sure I'll do the rice cereal at night again:-)

What a cute mess! Can't help but love that Gerber face.


Karen said...

Aww, she IS cute! Much cuter than a grown-up who wears his dinner!

Guess the cereal trick doesn't work for all babies, huh?

Stacey said...

No, but does it work for your baby, maybe I'm not doing it right or something. It just seems like it makes her real gassy. Does your baby sleep all night?