Thursday, January 15, 2009


RM4C=Revival Makers 4 Christ

The Youth of the Vienna Church (The C.O.A) are
so awesome, here they are signing "The Presence of
the Lord is here". We are so proud of them all.


Karen said...

I am indeed sold on the idea that Ellia was just hungry all the time! Livvie was that way, too, only much, much sooner. Ellia has never had any solids or cereal, like your Brienna has. Here's what I do, though.

I nurse for the first 2 feedings (usually 6 & 9 a.m.). I have plenty of milk from the nighttime.

Around noon Ellia gets a bottle of formula, usually 6 oz., and I pump whatever I can, usually 4 or 5.

3-ish p.m.--I give her the breastmilk that I pumped, plus 1 or 2 oz. formula. I don't pump here.

6 p.m.--I nurse her and top her off with formula, if necessary.

8:30 or 9 p.m.--I nurse for a short time, mostly for the comfort of a bedtime routine. By this time of the night I haven't got much milk left. She'll usually take 4-6 additional oz. of formula.

Is Brienna sleeping at night? I find that bulking up that last feeding really helps, whether it's just a bottle, or cereal, or a combination of things.

Good luck!

Karen said...

Well, I've unofficially decided that I'm going to hold off on solids until she gets a tooth or 2. I learned that the enzymes produced by teeth help break down food so it's digested more easily. Ellia takes bottles very well, although she does like to just gnaw on the nipple sometimes. But she has had bottles occasionally since birth. It might take Brienna a few tries to get used to it, but if she's truly hungry, she'll latch on quickly! (no pun intended!)

Also, I have to remind myself that breastmilk is digested far more quickly than formula. It only makes sense that a breastfed baby needs to be fed more often.

Hope you can get everything figured out!