Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A review of the last year 2008

January- Stacey's Dad was here to help us get settled into our new home. Found out we're having another little girl. Taught Sis. Jutta how to play Farkle, and made a delicious cake from a mix that Heather sent.

February-Sis. Gabe arrived as our aimer. Our visit to Egypt was not one we would like to remember but alas it did happen this month. We arrived safely back into Vienna. Aleia became a pro at swimming with her floaty. Paid an enormous cell phone bill.

March-Bro. Suppan and his family arrived in Austria, and just a few days later we were blessed to have Bro A and Sis A with us. Visited the Donau Turm restaurant for the first time and loved it. Aleia was spoiled by the Abernathys when they bought her a beautiful purple and pink bike. In just days she was riding all over the place. Our living room was painted and looks beautiful. Celebrated Easter in Germany.

April-Bro. and Sis. Leaman came to do our Missions Conf. We visited the Durnstein Castle and a concentration camp....it was so sad. Stacey gained 8 pounds this month:-) Aleia wears big girl pantys in the day and night.

May-Sis. Gabe went back to MO. Aleia has her 3rd Bithday and discovers she love French toast. Alex and Tyler arrive as our aimers for the Summer. The ladies of the Vienna church gave us a surprise Baby shower, Brienna Grace is welcomed into the world.

June-Started a new church in Swettl. Aleia gave up her paci. Many sleepless nights.

July-Kim Dunning came to visit us in Vienna and brought a new light to our music department. Brienna got her US pass port and birth certificate. Brienna first road trip to Holland.

August-Stacey turned 32, Charles did a missions trip to Africa, we had our 14 year Anniversary. Alex left for Michigan

September-Both girls grew and got more beautiful, if that is possible. The church grew, we got a new website. Tyler left for Florida.

October- Brienna got her 2 bottom teeth and she also rolled over. Charles turned 34, the church gave him a wonderful party.

November-Took a trip to America to show the girls off. Did much traveling to raise more funds for Austria. Had Thanksgiving with the Hickman family along with celebrated Christmas/Thanksgiving with the Robinette family. Took a belated 14 year Anniversary trip to Mexico. Got to see many friends and family. Got great news from the insurance company that all the bills from the baby were going to be covered. Celebrated Stacey's Mom's 50th B-day. Brienna had her 1st well baby visit in the states.

December-Both girls came down with terrible colds. Aleia loves Cinderella and has become more interested in starting pre-school. Brienna sat up unassisted. The church gave us a beautiful welcome home basket along with a fellowship after service. Our church banquet was a success, had a wonderful Christmas with the Suppan family, had our vision casting service for the next year. We had many wonderful things happen in the year of 2008 we look forward to 2009. Happy New Year from the Robinette Family, we love you all and hope you will stay in touch.


Karen said...

Wow, Stacey! You all have been BUSY!
I enjoy reading about all your world traveling. Sounds fascinating!

Auntie Rach said...

That was a very touching post! You have such a sentimental way about you that amazes me! I love you and miss you! Thanks for sharing your lives!

Love you,

Scott said...

I loved seeing you and Brienna when you were home...wish it could have been a longer visit. You are such a beautiful family.