Friday, January 9, 2009

Cookie making at the Mall

For the Holidays we had a cookie making booth in the middle of the mall that is near our house. Every time we passed it I thought Aleia would love this. One day I got the nerve to use the little German I know and ask how much it cost and how old the child had to be. It was FREE, and you had to be 3....Perfect! So I asked Aleia if she wanted to make some cookies, not knowing that the Mommy's and Daddy's were not allowed to stay, she was willing so I said I will be watching you right over there. I have never seen her so nervous, her little face was saying "Mama don't leave". I got the first feelings of what it will be like when I drop her off to school for the first time. She was so brave, and I was very proud of her. She made a dozen cookies and decorated them for her Daddy, they turned out very good and in the end she was proud of herself for being such a big girl. The only problem was that I forgot to tell them her name, so they asked her what her name was in German and she said Aleia but they heard Maiya and that really upset her, she talked about it all the way home that the Hongalish people called her Maiya. She calls anyone who speaks a foreign language "Hongalish people" don't ask me:-)

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Auntie Rach said...


Auntie Rach is sooo proud of you being such a big girl! I bet daddy was so happy! Love and miss you lots! Give Brie Brie a kiss for me!

Auntie Rach