Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brienna turns #1

Brienna Grace
Born May 30, 2008
8 lbs. 20 1/2 in.

This day has come faster then I could ever imagine. I am sure all you Mother's say the same thing. With Aleia her first year did not go by this fast but with Brienna I look at her and still see such a baby, so dependent and still so many things she has not had the courage to do.

I look back and wonder where did the time go. Everyday I wake up to her big smile I consider myself the most blessed person on earth. I treasure each little thing about her. How her tiny feet are barely big enough to keep any shoe on, her tiny hands so soft and petite, she has the brightest twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile that can make any bad day seem good.

She is the mess in our orderly home, she brings a balance of chaos that we've needed:-) Brienna is a social little butterfly who can not stand not to be apart of every laugh or party.

We are so blessed as a family to have her and we look forward to so many years to come. We love you Boo-Bear!

Brienna shares a Birthday with someone very special...Big Papa!

Happy Birthday, Big Papa!
Miss you and love you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A diver like Daddy....

In hopes one day that at least one of his girls will want to be a diver like him. Aleia is showing a little interest with a little force from Daddy.

At every chance he gets he buys her something to represent the ocean, water or fish.

Just recently he brought home this mask and fin set, and she is all set to swim the wide open sea.

I am pretty content with her playing in the mud puddles for the rest of her life, but knowing her she will take every leap, and every challenge to it's fullest, she is fearless and wants to be just like her daddy. A diver like Daddy, a preacher like Daddy and a Pastor like Daddy. She loves her Daddy and I'm so thankful.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random thoughts

Over heard a few ladies on the train talk about what 3 words best describe them, they were so excited about sharing things about each others personality's. It made me think about these questions for myself.

What 3 words describe who you are?

What 3 things do you love to do?

What 3 things do you not like to do?

My answers as follows.....
1. Loyal, Sentimental, & Dependable
2. Go through old photo albums, holding my husbands hand, & kissing my 2 girls.
3. Taking time to go to the bathroom, saying good bye, & cleaning bathrooms

Today I woke up early to be prepared for a lady who was coming over to do a few things for me and she must have I've got a few hours to myself, not sure whether to read, clean, iron, nap, do bills, take a walk or just grab a snack and enjoy reading up on some blogs:-) yeah that sounds like a better idea (LOL)

Yesterday it was 56 degrees by this time of the day and today it is 72, feels like I'm in Michigan now where the weather can't make up it's mind.

Loving the sound of Brienna's laugh, something about when they learn to chatter and laugh, it is so cute. She'll be 1 on Saturday and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I told Charles yesterday that I love this stage she is in and he was silent, so I started to laugh and said what you don't like it, he said well I could do with out the sleepless nights and all the messes....I said oh yeah well I forgot about those things, it seems when I look at her, hold her and kiss her I forget she keeps me up all night....she is so sweet, she doesn't want to miss a thing, and by sleeping this would mean she would miss something BIG.

What 3 words best describe you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gerasdorferstrasse 258

Many of you are wondering what in the world does the title of my post mean.

Well it is the street in which our house is on:-) Oh yes! most of you all get to teach your children that they live on "Smith st", "Dorothy st", "Hollie st" or even "High st" but I wasn't so lucky.....oh no no no, I must teach our 4 year old that she lives on "Gerasdorferstrasse 258" hahaha. Try to say that 10 times in a row.

Well I'm a proud parent as of today because Aleia not only knows what street we live on but she now knows which public bus, street car and metro we take to get home. She's a bright girl.

Sunday we had her point out which way to get home on public transportation, and we were amazed that she knew the whole route.....even where to buy the ticket and how to put it in the check out ticker. The only set back with the brilliant ways of this 4 year old is she now thinks she is big enough to cook eggs, drive, discipline the baby, and get out of bed when ever she so well pleases......yeah we have some fine tuning to work on in the next few weeks:-)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Protecting Hand....

I have a prayer that I consistently pray over my girls and that is that the Lord watches over them even when I'm not looking or aware. I have two testimonies that will convince you to do the same.

Saturday after enjoying a wonderful 2 hours in Toy's "R" us, Aleia and I were headed out with all of Brienna's 1st Birthday surprises, when all of the sudden the cart got caught and flipped completely over, causing Aleia's head to hit the pavement at full force. I tried to catch the cart but it was full of (3) 20 kilo each sand bags for there new sand box Grandpa Vaughn sent money for. It was impossible to stop but everything in me tried, to the extent of hurting my own self very badly.

As you can imagine this caused a huge scene, not knowing very much German, everyone begin to ask me how it happened, how she was....I couldn't understand a word they were saying but I knew they were all so very concerned and very helpful. The manager came out to check Aleia's head and spine out.....during this whole time I am looking at her, she is crying for her daddy and saying is my hippo sand box broke, the only thing I was worried about was the trauma to her little head. I felt all around her head, and neck " nothing"....does it hurt Aleia....NO MAMA, I DIDN'T HIT MY HEAD!!! Now folks I saw it and everyone else saw that Aleia's head bounced off the cement, I know her head hit but as you know we serve a wonderful prayer answering God who always has his protecting hands upon our children. In the end the only thing she has is a little bruise on her leg and a small scratch on her elbow.

Today I was preparing for Brienna's 1st B-day party and she was in the play room playing with Aleia's doll house when all the sudden I here her screaming, I run in there and her little pointer finger was stuck and just as I came in the house fell....her finger was still stuck in the house, when I got it out, I could only imagine the finger would be broke or cut off from the force of the house falling, but when I picked her up there was only a little pressure mark on her finger and in just a few seconds she was fine.

I think the Lord for these faith building testimonies that encourage me and cause me to never doubt we have a God who loves the little children and who watches over them day and night.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ethan's 4th Birthday

We were able to talk to Ethan today on Skype and wish him a very Happy 4th Birthday.

He was able to see Aleia but she wasn't able to see him, their camera was not working but it still was so nice for Aleia to hear his voice. They are 20 days apart and are great buddies.

Happy Birthday.....young man, we love you and miss you and hope your Birthday at the zoo was tons of fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dreaded Allergies

Oh how I dread Allergy season, it has kicked in full force this year. I think the Lord I was protected from Allergies at this time last year. Not sure why but each time I was expecting with my girls, I never had allergies, great incentive:-) hahaha no not really.

Although I know that just left a question in all of your minds whether or not we will be having any more babies......I do hope so! I'd love one more but not right now, maybe in a year or two....and yes I would not mind if I had ALL 3 girls, I love GIRLS and think we were made for a house full of them, I wouldn't even mind getting a little girl puppy sometime, but this year just isn't the appropriate time for all that, no changes for a while.

Ok! now that I'm off of that tangent I can get back to the thought at hand....Allergies!

Symptoms: Runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness, itchy eyes, itchy throat, stuffy head, no energy, puffy face and eyes.....Just flat out awful. Still nursing so there isn't much I can take. Just trying to stay focused and not think of how awful I truly feel, for you all know the job of a Mama must go on no matter how hard your head is throbbing, eyes are watering or how much energy you are lacking.

Need a quick remedy for getting these allergies under control...I know my Grandma and Aunt Karen suffer most of the year with their allergies so I'm glad it only happens twice a year for this time of the year and in the middle of September.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perfect Dream

Aleia woke up in the middle of the night crying and crying. I went into her room and tried to comfort her, I said "you want Mama to pray for you" and she said "Yes Ma'am", I said what would you like me to pray and she said that her dreams would be about Lolly pops, bumble bee's and fruit meal. Sounds like a perfect dream to me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tonight Aleia called her Daddy and I up stairs....we both said "Why" honey, and she said because "I want to have a con-cert-zation (conversation):-) with you two", it was as if she wanted to give us "what for", her little personality has blossomed just since she turned 4, and she says she is a real girl now just like pinochio.

Aleia has finally started to eat more and now we are wondering when she is going to is what she ate today, a growth spurt I guess.

9 a.m: 2 pieces of french toast
10 a.m: a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal
12:30 p.m: P & J sandwich and a can of peaches
2:00 p.m: Ice cream
3:30 p.m: Happy Meal from Burger King (special treat)
6:00 p.m: Bowl of Chocolate cereal
8:00 p.m: Bowl of Macaroni and cheese

As she was going potty tonight she grab my face and whispered in my ear and said "Mama, I'm hungry ALL THE TIME" and started to laugh and said "Yes honey you are"

We'll see if tomorrow she eats as much or if it was just a day of splurging for which we all must have.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Month of Birthday's

Brie Brie will soon turn ONE!

Looking back a few Birthday's AGO (Big Papa)

Celebrating Harry's Birthday

Mr. Ethan Charles Brown 2 years ago

An Elmo Birthday party for Aleia 2 and Judah 3

Brooke and Madison just had their 7th Birthday oh how time has flown by

This is the month of Birthday's in our family. We have 12 Birthday's & 1 Anniversary to celebrate in the month of May.....we have the get it all done at once syndrome.

Jenna...May 1st
Aunt Jodi...May 5th
Harry...May 6th
Aleia...May 9th
Brooke...May 9th
Madison...May 9th
Judah...May 14th
Zach...May 23rd
Ethan...May 24th
Ritchey...May 25th
Big Papa...May 30th
Brienna...May 30th (Turns 1)

and one Anniversary Nathan and Sandy...May 29th

We have 3 Robinette Grand babies born on the same day just 3 years apart....Brooke & Madison who of course are twins and then Aleia. We then have Brienna and Big Papa who share the same day as well.

What month do you have the most Birthday's to celebrate?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twins Birthday

We had a wonderful celebration for Dunsin and Tobi's 18th Birthday. They are two of the most willing, talented and polite young people you'll ever meet.

They asked their Pastor (Charles) to say a few words at their party, he misunderstood and preached:-)lol (love you honey) it was really good, just the first Birthday party I've been to where there was an invitation to the altar:-)
And then there is Savannah Suppan, what would we do without her. So helpful and willing to do what ever is needed to help our family and the church. Our girls adore her.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saying Good Bye

Tuesday afternoon the phone rang, most of the time when our home phone rings we get a small feeling of anxiety in our tummies knowing that the only time it rings is when someone from America is calling, this can be a good thing and it also can be a bad thing. This afternoon the feeling was not good, as I picked the phone up to hear on the other end that my Uncle Roger was at the hospital in intensive care. Doctors giving him 12 hours to 2 weeks to live.

He has what you call Genetic Sensory Neuropothy Syndrome which is also what my Mother has, passed down from her Father. The Neuropothy is not what normally takes over and causes death it is what the Neuropathy what causes death, such as in my Uncle's case. He threw up a few mornings ago and inhaled some into his lungs causing a severe lung infection, it didn't help that he had a terrible urinary tract infection which he had been trying fight off for a while now.

They took him into the hospital and in just one day they had him on 100 percent oxygen and told the family that the antibiotics were not helping, his fever would not go down and there was nothing more they could do. He has not been able to feed himself for a while so my Aunt has been spoon feeding him, while in intensive care they wanted to give him a feeding tube so that they could be sure he was getting the proper nutrients and fluids that his body needed to help fight off the infection but since the fever would not go down they could not do the feeding tube successfully.

He passed away on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m even though he has been sick for so long and we know he is in a better place it is still not easy saying good bye. My Aunt Karen is taking it the hardest, she has been his care taker for the past 10 years, she gave him a safe, healthy and peaceful environment to live in, she always went beyond what was expected of her. I wish I could be there to hold her and comfort her during this time of lost. It breaks my heart during these times to be so far way from my family but I know the Lord see's it all and will help each and everyone us through this time.

The funeral was held at the First Pentecostal Church in N. Little Rock Arkansas today at 10 a.m. Please pray for my family and especially for my Grandma, this was her first child to pass and I can't imagine the pain that must grip a Mothers heart when one of her children passes away, no matter how old they are.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love the day after Sunday, yes that would be Monday.....a few things to describe why I love Monday's.

1. Charles only Day Off
2. Our family Day
3. A start of a new week
4. The only day I get to sleep without setting my alarm clock
5. We have Josh, Savannah and Sis. Amber over for game night
6. Set the goals for the week
7. Weigh myself and of course cross my fingers that I've lost a pound and not gained
8. Our Errand and grocery day (the only day the frig looks full)
9. Charles puts Aleia to bed
10. Eat lunch at Ikea for 3 1/2 Euro...can't beat that

Monday's are my favorite...what is your favorite day of the week and why?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

World Wind

Starting from Friday we begin our Revival services with Rev. Lee Stoneking, the expectation in the church was high and you could just feel that it was going to be life changing. From the start to the finish of each night the conference was everything and more that we could imagine.

Sunday Night after service we prepared a banquet for all the ministers and wives, we had 28 people in the board room and they all enjoyed a great time of food and fellowship. They offered us a beautiful flower vase as a token of thanks, love and appreciation.

We cleaned up as much as our bodies and FEET would allow, then headed to the airport to drop off the rental car that we needed for the weekend, it saved our lives to have two vehicles. It was about 1 a.m and we were finally on our way home, to tired to even talk the baby begin to scream, and scream....I couldn't find her paci so here is how the little conversation went...

Me: Oh baby I know, I know Mama will eat you when we get home, Mama will eat you when we get home.

Aleia: Starts to scream, No MAMA YOU CAN'T EAT SISTER she's our baby not Mcdonalds.

Me: What! Aleia, calm down honey, what are you saying?

Aleia: (Sniff-Sniff) You said you were gonna eat baby sister when we get home

Me: hahahahaha oh my word is that what I said:-) oh Aleia honey Mama would never eat you or sister, I met to say when we get home Mama would feed her.

So as you can see it's been a world wind around here, things have been pretty exciting and traumatic in the Robinette home in the past few days. My house smells like a mixture of dirty diapers, rotten bananas and flowers, a pretty nauseating smell if you can imagine.

We are thankful for all the Lord did in our special meetings and Thank each and every saint for putting in such long hours and so much hard work and effort. A great big thanks to our ministerial team Rev. and Sis. Bernhard Suppan and Family, Bro. and Sis. Obuh, and Sis. Amber, we could not have pulled the conference off without the this team.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy's Home

Aleia was so excited about her pre-school she wanted to show her Daddy the whole school.

As precious as it looks I watched Aleia and her Daddy walking hand in hand and I couldn't help but get all teary eyed, hard to believe she will be 4 in just a few days, the first 2 years went fairly slow but this past year just flew by without me even noticing, I am sure it has to do with all the transitions and schedules that we have encountered during this last year....Moved to Austria, moved from an apartment to a house, had a baby, started a new church and the list goes on.

We are so happy to have the man in charge back home, it sure does set many things at ease when Daddy is home. Aleia is a Daddy's girl through and through and it is very unsettling to her when he is gone, her temperament completely changes the minute he is home. I love it that my girls have their Daddy wrapped....I wouldn't want it any other way:-)