Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gerasdorferstrasse 258

Many of you are wondering what in the world does the title of my post mean.

Well it is the street in which our house is on:-) Oh yes! most of you all get to teach your children that they live on "Smith st", "Dorothy st", "Hollie st" or even "High st" but I wasn't so lucky.....oh no no no, I must teach our 4 year old that she lives on "Gerasdorferstrasse 258" hahaha. Try to say that 10 times in a row.

Well I'm a proud parent as of today because Aleia not only knows what street we live on but she now knows which public bus, street car and metro we take to get home. She's a bright girl.

Sunday we had her point out which way to get home on public transportation, and we were amazed that she knew the whole route.....even where to buy the ticket and how to put it in the check out ticker. The only set back with the brilliant ways of this 4 year old is she now thinks she is big enough to cook eggs, drive, discipline the baby, and get out of bed when ever she so well pleases......yeah we have some fine tuning to work on in the next few weeks:-)


The Brown's said...

wow that is impressive! I don't think i can even say that hahaha.

I hope you have some address labels so you don't have to write that everytime you need to mail something:O)

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow..that is awesome. She is a bright little girl, for sure. But I don't think she is old enough to drive...Kelsey thinks she is...check out my blog to see new pics.

Love ya.