Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tonight Aleia called her Daddy and I up stairs....we both said "Why" honey, and she said because "I want to have a con-cert-zation (conversation):-) with you two", it was as if she wanted to give us "what for", her little personality has blossomed just since she turned 4, and she says she is a real girl now just like pinochio.

Aleia has finally started to eat more and now we are wondering when she is going to stop....here is what she ate today, a growth spurt I guess.

9 a.m: 2 pieces of french toast
10 a.m: a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal
12:30 p.m: P & J sandwich and a can of peaches
2:00 p.m: Ice cream
3:30 p.m: Happy Meal from Burger King (special treat)
6:00 p.m: Bowl of Chocolate cereal
8:00 p.m: Bowl of Macaroni and cheese

As she was going potty tonight she grab my face and whispered in my ear and said "Mama, I'm hungry ALL THE TIME" and started to laugh and said "Yes honey you are"

We'll see if tomorrow she eats as much or if it was just a day of splurging for her...in which we all must have.


Kendra Lynn said...

she says the silliest things! I love it!
how are you guys doing?

Love you.

The Brown's said...

that is so funny! I am curious what she wanted to have a con-cert-zation about:O)

WOW I would say a growth spurt! I am lucky if I can get Mckena to eat 1 good meal a day!!

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