Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saying Good Bye

Tuesday afternoon the phone rang, most of the time when our home phone rings we get a small feeling of anxiety in our tummies knowing that the only time it rings is when someone from America is calling, this can be a good thing and it also can be a bad thing. This afternoon the feeling was not good, as I picked the phone up to hear on the other end that my Uncle Roger was at the hospital in intensive care. Doctors giving him 12 hours to 2 weeks to live.

He has what you call Genetic Sensory Neuropothy Syndrome which is also what my Mother has, passed down from her Father. The Neuropothy is not what normally takes over and causes death it is what the Neuropathy what causes death, such as in my Uncle's case. He threw up a few mornings ago and inhaled some into his lungs causing a severe lung infection, it didn't help that he had a terrible urinary tract infection which he had been trying fight off for a while now.

They took him into the hospital and in just one day they had him on 100 percent oxygen and told the family that the antibiotics were not helping, his fever would not go down and there was nothing more they could do. He has not been able to feed himself for a while so my Aunt has been spoon feeding him, while in intensive care they wanted to give him a feeding tube so that they could be sure he was getting the proper nutrients and fluids that his body needed to help fight off the infection but since the fever would not go down they could not do the feeding tube successfully.

He passed away on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m even though he has been sick for so long and we know he is in a better place it is still not easy saying good bye. My Aunt Karen is taking it the hardest, she has been his care taker for the past 10 years, she gave him a safe, healthy and peaceful environment to live in, she always went beyond what was expected of her. I wish I could be there to hold her and comfort her during this time of lost. It breaks my heart during these times to be so far way from my family but I know the Lord see's it all and will help each and everyone us through this time.

The funeral was held at the First Pentecostal Church in N. Little Rock Arkansas today at 10 a.m. Please pray for my family and especially for my Grandma, this was her first child to pass and I can't imagine the pain that must grip a Mothers heart when one of her children passes away, no matter how old they are.


Karen said...

So sorry for your family's loss. What a terrible feeling, not to be able to be with them right now. I'm sure they know they have a prayer warrior in you!

The Brown's said...

oh stacy I am so sorry. My heart is aching for you. I will be sure to remember your family inmy prayers. I can only imagine the horrible feelings of loss you all must be feeling. god will watch over you all. much love from us to you.