Friday, May 22, 2009

Dreaded Allergies

Oh how I dread Allergy season, it has kicked in full force this year. I think the Lord I was protected from Allergies at this time last year. Not sure why but each time I was expecting with my girls, I never had allergies, great incentive:-) hahaha no not really.

Although I know that just left a question in all of your minds whether or not we will be having any more babies......I do hope so! I'd love one more but not right now, maybe in a year or two....and yes I would not mind if I had ALL 3 girls, I love GIRLS and think we were made for a house full of them, I wouldn't even mind getting a little girl puppy sometime, but this year just isn't the appropriate time for all that, no changes for a while.

Ok! now that I'm off of that tangent I can get back to the thought at hand....Allergies!

Symptoms: Runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness, itchy eyes, itchy throat, stuffy head, no energy, puffy face and eyes.....Just flat out awful. Still nursing so there isn't much I can take. Just trying to stay focused and not think of how awful I truly feel, for you all know the job of a Mama must go on no matter how hard your head is throbbing, eyes are watering or how much energy you are lacking.

Need a quick remedy for getting these allergies under control...I know my Grandma and Aunt Karen suffer most of the year with their allergies so I'm glad it only happens twice a year for this time of the year and in the middle of September.


Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I am sorry! I have had terrible allergies this spring as doctor prescribed Clariten, but it doesn't seem to be doing much.
I hope you feel better very soon!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...I love you much.


Karen said...

So sorry your allergies are bad! Hope you can get some relief soon.

Here's the blog post for that bean dip. Goes great with tortilla chips!

The Brown's said...

I am so stinkin sorry!! I have had the worst allergies this year also! Sorry I don't have some awesome advice of how to survive.

I am so impressed that you are still nursing! You go girl. I made it 8 months this time(the longest of all 4)I pretty much have skim milk so my little poeple starve:O)
Feel better soon!