Friday, May 29, 2009

A diver like Daddy....

In hopes one day that at least one of his girls will want to be a diver like him. Aleia is showing a little interest with a little force from Daddy.

At every chance he gets he buys her something to represent the ocean, water or fish.

Just recently he brought home this mask and fin set, and she is all set to swim the wide open sea.

I am pretty content with her playing in the mud puddles for the rest of her life, but knowing her she will take every leap, and every challenge to it's fullest, she is fearless and wants to be just like her daddy. A diver like Daddy, a preacher like Daddy and a Pastor like Daddy. She loves her Daddy and I'm so thankful.


Karen said...

Cute! Love how the flippers look with her tiered skirt.

I'll bet Daddy is so pleased.

The Brown's said...

That is such a cute picture! I love the little head tilt:O) She looks like she is beggin you to let her jump in the ocean:O) If she is going to have a hero that hse wants to be just like Charles is a great pick! What a lucky girl!

I am running about 3 miles. Dont love it but thats the only thing that gets the weight off for me. What are you doing? I will take any suggestions!!