Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love the day after Sunday, yes that would be Monday.....a few things to describe why I love Monday's.

1. Charles only Day Off
2. Our family Day
3. A start of a new week
4. The only day I get to sleep without setting my alarm clock
5. We have Josh, Savannah and Sis. Amber over for game night
6. Set the goals for the week
7. Weigh myself and of course cross my fingers that I've lost a pound and not gained
8. Our Errand and grocery day (the only day the frig looks full)
9. Charles puts Aleia to bed
10. Eat lunch at Ikea for 3 1/2 Euro...can't beat that

Monday's are my favorite...what is your favorite day of the week and why?

1 comment:

Kendra Lynn said...

Mondays are definitely NOT my favorite day!
I like Wednesdays. No church functions...usually a family night...no homework for Merry...just, all in all, a bit more relaxing than the rest of the week. :)
Love you!