Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brienna turns #1

Brienna Grace
Born May 30, 2008
8 lbs. 20 1/2 in.

This day has come faster then I could ever imagine. I am sure all you Mother's say the same thing. With Aleia her first year did not go by this fast but with Brienna I look at her and still see such a baby, so dependent and still so many things she has not had the courage to do.

I look back and wonder where did the time go. Everyday I wake up to her big smile I consider myself the most blessed person on earth. I treasure each little thing about her. How her tiny feet are barely big enough to keep any shoe on, her tiny hands so soft and petite, she has the brightest twinkle in her blue eyes and a smile that can make any bad day seem good.

She is the mess in our orderly home, she brings a balance of chaos that we've needed:-) Brienna is a social little butterfly who can not stand not to be apart of every laugh or party.

We are so blessed as a family to have her and we look forward to so many years to come. We love you Boo-Bear!

Brienna shares a Birthday with someone very special...Big Papa!

Happy Birthday, Big Papa!
Miss you and love you.


The Brown's said...

OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIENNA!!! What a sweet girl. That is so funny our girls are almost 1 week apart. That fun because now we get to experience things together:O)

Stacey said...

Yes I was thinking it was so cool that we have two girls so close in age, we truly do have so much in common....I love that.

As far as my work-out program, I'm just trying to drink my water and get in a good 20 minute work out in a day, then I will move it up a little, I run, walk, or do my Eliptical. My weight came off a lot easier and faster with Aleia but I had more time to workout, more patience and energy to work it off.

Kendra Lynn said...

Happy birthday, Brienna! We love you!