Monday, June 1, 2009

A miracle is born

Little Oliver Dadzie is a precious miracle from God. Susan and Rolland Dadzie are a faithful couple in the C.O.A church of Vienna here where we are the Missionaries and they have wanted and tried for a baby for over 10 years.

At every service they would ask for prayer and she would come to the front to be prayed for that she would one day conceive.
Her faith was always strong, she believed and never gave up on her promise or healing.

Little Oliver Dadzie was born 2 days past his due date, healthy, beautiful and strong, and look at all that hair, and you just can't help but notice that proud smile on Mama's face.

They are all home and adjusting well, he is a bit demanding she says but she is so thankful and praising the Lord for her miracle.
We went to visit the Dadzie family and in the recovery room there were 7 other Mother's who had delivered that day. It made me so very thankful that I delivered Brienna in a private Hospital. The Hospital I had her in was already so free and open compared to the states that I couldn't imagine what the social hospital was like, but here it is....8 Mama's with their babies in one room.

Being held for the first time by his proud
Pastor....a miracle is born.


Kendra Lynn said...

Congratulations to the happy family! How very sweet. :)


The Brown's said...

What a sweet story and super cute baby:O)