Thursday, June 11, 2009


With her hair as soft has a feather, her eyes as bright as the sea, a smile that can make your heart do flips, and with hands that are so petite you wonder how she can do the things she does.

You might wonder how can it be that something so sweet and happy can earn the nick name T-Rex?

She is a destroyer of all things:-) it is as if she stops, stares and attacks. She will look at something just long enough and figure out how to get it unzipped, unbuttoned or completely tore apart just in a split second. We can walk out of one room just long enough to get something and by the time we walk back in, she has the shower curtain down, all the trash out of the can and every ounce of the toilet paper off the roll, it has at this point become a laughing matter in our home, you can hardly discipline her for her clapping for herself... when we come in the room with the face of utter shock and say what have you done.....? she thinks that as being words of affirmation as if we think she did something fabulous and begins to rejoice for her accomplishments :-)

So you see, T-rex is the most appropriate name to describe this little girl....but to make it a little more feminine we've said "TREXIE" will suit her just fine, of course we still call her "Boo-Bear" when she is almost asleep and you no longer see the little mischief in her eyes.


Karen said...

What a sweet post, and beautifully written. I wonder how long she'll keep her nickname???

Stacey said...

I hope not long...hoping it is just a little 1 year old phase...she is Trexie by day and Boo-Bear by night.

The Brown's said...

oh that picture is just so dang cute! I feel your pain it must be a phase of the 1 year old! I cannot tell you how must toilet paper has been shredded at the hands of Ella:O)
I hope we survive!

Kendra Lynn said...

Well, "Trexie" reminds me little bit of "Kelsey the Destroyer". Kels used to do stuff like that allll the time. :)
Have fun with both versions of your little sweetie.