Sunday, June 7, 2009

Honest and lasting

I recently came across an amazing blog site that was promoting "My husband rocks...Friday" I began to read and was so encouraged by the words she wrote. She has not been married long but she wants to be happily married forever. She points out so many things that we actually take for granted and that if we would just dwell on the positive things that made us fall in love with our spouse in the first place our marriage would blissfully last forever.

I encourage you all to go to my side bar under my favorite blogs and click on the great adventure it will then take you to her blog, you can join many women in "MHRF", I know I am going to be looking forward to every Friday, posting about what an amazing man God has given me.

Also I just enrolled in a by weekly e-mail Bible study from the website ( once you get to the site click on the marriage link and sign up for your next e-mail and receive an amazing Bible based lesson on Marriage, Family and Love. In this world we need all we can to build, strengthen and unite our Marriage and Family.

Hope you are as blessed by these two resources as I was....if you have any sites that can help us make our family and marriage stronger fill free to leave a comment.

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