Saturday, June 6, 2009

One unexpected surprise after another

This morning we woke up to a knock at the door, which most of time means the mail man has a package from the states for us. We were all excited and came to the door as if it was Christmas. It caught us off guard when the mail man was a face we had never seen before, he was young, friendly and spoke ENGLISH which all 3 were a wonderful unexpected surprise.

He gave Aleia one box, wished her a Happy Birthday then headed back to his truck, we shut the door behind us and could not wait to open the unexpected surprise box from Scott, Kendra and the girls. We heard a knock at the door yet again....the mail man (HUM) another box, this can not be. Oh yes one more box....(YEAH)!!!!

Another unexpected surprise from The Soto family...(Auntie Der)!

The boxes were full of unexpected surprises....something in them for us all. We are so grateful for these unexpected surprises today, it brightened our day, made us feel loved and thought of. We always love getting boxes of goodies from the states, it makes us feel American again:-)

A great big thanks to Heather and Kendra for putting an unexpected smile on all of our faces today and for remembering our girls for their Birthday, so very thoughtful of ya.


The Brown's said...

what a great way to start out the day:O)

Kendra Lynn said...

so glad you got your box...we were thinking of you....actually...I think of you every day! have the Christmas photo on the fridge, so we never forget to pray...
Lots and lots of love...