Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Such a great help

Preparing for the last conference....we had many task that had to be done. Sis. Suppan, Sis. Amber, Aleia and even Brienna helped in making the welcome boxes for all of the ministers and their wives.

Our whole team helped in so many ways for the conference. It was such a great success. We couldn't have done it without them all.

It was a great conference, one that we are still reaping from and will for years to come.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trials birth Compassion

So often we make the mistake of taking the trials of life as a set back, or think that the mishaps we face are meant to make us miserable, unlucky and bitter.

I have been thinking lately of my past...growing up and also as a married adult.

Thinking of my set backs
Thinking of my mistakes
Thinking of the many, many trials that I feel were meant to destroy me and set me back! trials only made me stronger, they were meant to make me feel like a failure but only made me succeed and try harder, the trials were suppose to make me give up and believe in the failure and not see or believe in the success from my failures.

Without the trials, heart breaks, and the mistakes, I feel I would not be who I am today.

Through our trials compassion is birth.

Yes set backs will come, mishaps will occur, we will face trials as we try to succeed.

Often we blame our enemies, whether that is the enemy of the flesh or enemy of the spirit. When actually our trials are often brought upon us by our own pride and stubbornness, unwilling to submit, unwilling to admit we are wrong or unwilling just to try what has never been done before.

We have often given credit to the enemy for our trials when the credit should be given to the Lord....the trial of our faith worketh patience and are most often brought and put upon us to perfect us.

Our trials are not meant to make us feel:

Bitter, Cautious, Critical, Leary, less compassionate and like a failure!
..........our trials are meant to make us wiser, more loving, more giving of our time to others, less critical and more compassionate..

Let us learn from our trials, and become better because of the mishaps that are brought not only to protect us but to perfect us.

Trials birth Compassion...Trials birth wisdom...Trials birth Love...Trials birth maturity...Trials birth Memories! Don't be bitter in the trial you are facing, look for the blessing in the trial and look forward to the better person you will become through the storm of life you are facing.

Don't believe in the failure.....but believe in the final success from your failures!

When you fail and don't succeed try, try again!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aleia turns 5

Aleia recently celebrated her 5th Birthday.

It was on the Sunday of Mothers Day so a few ladies got together and surprised us all with a little party for her along with 2 other young people in the church. She was so happy and enjoyed the day very much.

The next day we decided to celebrate her Birthday as a family. Just the four of us. It was simple and sweet, just as she prefers it. We opened a few gifts from family and friends from America and had a small chocolate muffin cake....the theme of her party was tinker bell....she said turning 5 was the best ever!

Hard to believe 5 years ago she was so tiny and fragile....Aleia has brought such great joy to us. She is an amazing little girl!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you stare?

Do you wonder why they stare...?

*Is it because you look funny
*Is it because they think you don't match
*Is it because they think you look weird
*Is it because they are curious
*Is it because they think you look fat
*Is it because they think you are a terrible Parent

Could it be they stare because:

*They admire you
*They wish they had the boldness and confidence you have
*They see a difference in you
*They are just curious
*They need a friend
*They are lonely
*They are bored
*They think you are beautiful
*They have an opinion and would like you to ask
*They are just people watchers
*They are learning from starring at you
*They want to be in love just like you
*They want to be a parent just like you
*They wish they could put a hot outfit together like you

Why is it that we always think when people stare it is for a bad reason....why is that when someones stares we feel defensive and awkward, why when someone stares we often turn to them with a sarcastic stare back instead of smiling and giving them a friendly gesture.

Lately Aleia has been bringing to my attention that people stare....first I asked her what staring means to her and she gave me this big open eye look....she has questions such as "Mama why can't I stare at them, or Mama why are they staring at me."

We all stare....!

We all have people staring at us....!

Next time someone stares at you, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt, hold your head up high, be friendly, bold and confident and see what a difference it will make in you and in the one staring at you.

Can I ask.....why do you Stare???? :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have a Snickers bar

Don't be angry have a Snickers bar.

The Decision to be Anger free is all up to us. The Bible says we can be angry and Sin's not a sin to be angry. Anger turns into sin when it becomes a heart issue.

Anger can easily become a heavy weight that we carry around our neck. Just as we get use to carrying our natural weight around...the weight of Anger becomes invisible to us but very evident to those around us.

Often we are unwilling to let go of anger, because it is the one reminder we have of the hurt that was once done to us.

Anger takes our joy away!
Anger affects our prayer life!
Anger makes it difficult for others to relate to us!

The anger we carry around, will lead to a heart of bitterness.

There are so many ways to overcome anger....Don't be angry have a snickers bar.

I'm certainly not promoting weight lose but the time it takes to go to the gas station buy a snickers bar, tear it open and eat the candy bar slowly should be enough time to calm yourself down and realize what you were angry about is not worth the fight in the first place.

Focus on what you can change and ignore what you can not change

Hand it all over to God....he will complete the work He started in us.

In the church, at home, and in the work place we must purpose in our heats to exhibit the love of Christ....Don't be angry have a snickers bar.

There is an old song I love: If I hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battles victory, victory shall be mine.