Monday, June 14, 2010

Aleia turns 5

Aleia recently celebrated her 5th Birthday.

It was on the Sunday of Mothers Day so a few ladies got together and surprised us all with a little party for her along with 2 other young people in the church. She was so happy and enjoyed the day very much.

The next day we decided to celebrate her Birthday as a family. Just the four of us. It was simple and sweet, just as she prefers it. We opened a few gifts from family and friends from America and had a small chocolate muffin cake....the theme of her party was tinker bell....she said turning 5 was the best ever!

Hard to believe 5 years ago she was so tiny and fragile....Aleia has brought such great joy to us. She is an amazing little girl!

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Kendra Lynn said...

She is lovely...and I can't believe she is already Time has been flying by, hasn't it?