Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trials birth Compassion

So often we make the mistake of taking the trials of life as a set back, or think that the mishaps we face are meant to make us miserable, unlucky and bitter.

I have been thinking lately of my past...growing up and also as a married adult.

Thinking of my set backs
Thinking of my mistakes
Thinking of the many, many trials that I feel were meant to destroy me and set me back! trials only made me stronger, they were meant to make me feel like a failure but only made me succeed and try harder, the trials were suppose to make me give up and believe in the failure and not see or believe in the success from my failures.

Without the trials, heart breaks, and the mistakes, I feel I would not be who I am today.

Through our trials compassion is birth.

Yes set backs will come, mishaps will occur, we will face trials as we try to succeed.

Often we blame our enemies, whether that is the enemy of the flesh or enemy of the spirit. When actually our trials are often brought upon us by our own pride and stubbornness, unwilling to submit, unwilling to admit we are wrong or unwilling just to try what has never been done before.

We have often given credit to the enemy for our trials when the credit should be given to the Lord....the trial of our faith worketh patience and are most often brought and put upon us to perfect us.

Our trials are not meant to make us feel:

Bitter, Cautious, Critical, Leary, less compassionate and like a failure!
..........our trials are meant to make us wiser, more loving, more giving of our time to others, less critical and more compassionate..

Let us learn from our trials, and become better because of the mishaps that are brought not only to protect us but to perfect us.

Trials birth Compassion...Trials birth wisdom...Trials birth Love...Trials birth maturity...Trials birth Memories! Don't be bitter in the trial you are facing, look for the blessing in the trial and look forward to the better person you will become through the storm of life you are facing.

Don't believe in the failure.....but believe in the final success from your failures!

When you fail and don't succeed try, try again!!!