Friday, June 11, 2010

Do you stare?

Do you wonder why they stare...?

*Is it because you look funny
*Is it because they think you don't match
*Is it because they think you look weird
*Is it because they are curious
*Is it because they think you look fat
*Is it because they think you are a terrible Parent

Could it be they stare because:

*They admire you
*They wish they had the boldness and confidence you have
*They see a difference in you
*They are just curious
*They need a friend
*They are lonely
*They are bored
*They think you are beautiful
*They have an opinion and would like you to ask
*They are just people watchers
*They are learning from starring at you
*They want to be in love just like you
*They want to be a parent just like you
*They wish they could put a hot outfit together like you

Why is it that we always think when people stare it is for a bad reason....why is that when someones stares we feel defensive and awkward, why when someone stares we often turn to them with a sarcastic stare back instead of smiling and giving them a friendly gesture.

Lately Aleia has been bringing to my attention that people stare....first I asked her what staring means to her and she gave me this big open eye look....she has questions such as "Mama why can't I stare at them, or Mama why are they staring at me."

We all stare....!

We all have people staring at us....!

Next time someone stares at you, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt, hold your head up high, be friendly, bold and confident and see what a difference it will make in you and in the one staring at you.

Can I ask.....why do you Stare???? :-)


Kendra Lynn said...

Excellent advice. Its true, I think much of the staring we encounter has to do with envy...definitely.
Love you.
You are doing some great writing on here!

Stacey said...

Thank you are an excellent writer yourself.

Praying the transition with your parents is a smooth one. Love you.

Kendra Lynn said...

So far, so good...but I know I'm going to miss having my Momma nearby. :( Do you need anything? I will try to send a package in the next few weeks, if you can give me a list.
Love you lots.

Amber said...

In a nation full off "starers" that is good to think about....