Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have a Snickers bar

Don't be angry have a Snickers bar.

The Decision to be Anger free is all up to us. The Bible says we can be angry and Sin not....it's not a sin to be angry. Anger turns into sin when it becomes a heart issue.

Anger can easily become a heavy weight that we carry around our neck. Just as we get use to carrying our natural weight around...the weight of Anger becomes invisible to us but very evident to those around us.

Often we are unwilling to let go of anger, because it is the one reminder we have of the hurt that was once done to us.

Anger takes our joy away!
Anger affects our prayer life!
Anger makes it difficult for others to relate to us!

The anger we carry around, will lead to a heart of bitterness.

There are so many ways to overcome anger....Don't be angry have a snickers bar.

I'm certainly not promoting weight lose but the time it takes to go to the gas station buy a snickers bar, tear it open and eat the candy bar slowly should be enough time to calm yourself down and realize what you were angry about is not worth the fight in the first place.

Focus on what you can change and ignore what you can not change

Hand it all over to God....he will complete the work He started in us.

In the church, at home, and in the work place we must purpose in our heats to exhibit the love of Christ....Don't be angry have a snickers bar.

There is an old song I love: If I hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battles victory, victory shall be mine.


richard said...

thats wonderful wisdom sister robinette and so true. also it is proven that chocolate makes a happy feeling. thank you for sharing your wisedom with us und that you give as some thoughts of changes some simple things in our life. again thank you,your a wonderful example to me, how i should act in certain situations. god bless you. br.richard

Stacey said...

It is the small things in life that makes the biggest changes.

The Brown's said...

so true my friend! Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I think we waste so much time on things that take away from our spirits.
Glad to hear from you and know that things are good:)LOVE YA!