Monday, May 18, 2009

A Month of Birthday's

Brie Brie will soon turn ONE!

Looking back a few Birthday's AGO (Big Papa)

Celebrating Harry's Birthday

Mr. Ethan Charles Brown 2 years ago

An Elmo Birthday party for Aleia 2 and Judah 3

Brooke and Madison just had their 7th Birthday oh how time has flown by

This is the month of Birthday's in our family. We have 12 Birthday's & 1 Anniversary to celebrate in the month of May.....we have the get it all done at once syndrome.

Jenna...May 1st
Aunt Jodi...May 5th
Harry...May 6th
Aleia...May 9th
Brooke...May 9th
Madison...May 9th
Judah...May 14th
Zach...May 23rd
Ethan...May 24th
Ritchey...May 25th
Big Papa...May 30th
Brienna...May 30th (Turns 1)

and one Anniversary Nathan and Sandy...May 29th

We have 3 Robinette Grand babies born on the same day just 3 years apart....Brooke & Madison who of course are twins and then Aleia. We then have Brienna and Big Papa who share the same day as well.

What month do you have the most Birthday's to celebrate?

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