Monday, May 25, 2009

Protecting Hand....

I have a prayer that I consistently pray over my girls and that is that the Lord watches over them even when I'm not looking or aware. I have two testimonies that will convince you to do the same.

Saturday after enjoying a wonderful 2 hours in Toy's "R" us, Aleia and I were headed out with all of Brienna's 1st Birthday surprises, when all of the sudden the cart got caught and flipped completely over, causing Aleia's head to hit the pavement at full force. I tried to catch the cart but it was full of (3) 20 kilo each sand bags for there new sand box Grandpa Vaughn sent money for. It was impossible to stop but everything in me tried, to the extent of hurting my own self very badly.

As you can imagine this caused a huge scene, not knowing very much German, everyone begin to ask me how it happened, how she was....I couldn't understand a word they were saying but I knew they were all so very concerned and very helpful. The manager came out to check Aleia's head and spine out.....during this whole time I am looking at her, she is crying for her daddy and saying is my hippo sand box broke, the only thing I was worried about was the trauma to her little head. I felt all around her head, and neck " nothing"....does it hurt Aleia....NO MAMA, I DIDN'T HIT MY HEAD!!! Now folks I saw it and everyone else saw that Aleia's head bounced off the cement, I know her head hit but as you know we serve a wonderful prayer answering God who always has his protecting hands upon our children. In the end the only thing she has is a little bruise on her leg and a small scratch on her elbow.

Today I was preparing for Brienna's 1st B-day party and she was in the play room playing with Aleia's doll house when all the sudden I here her screaming, I run in there and her little pointer finger was stuck and just as I came in the house fell....her finger was still stuck in the house, when I got it out, I could only imagine the finger would be broke or cut off from the force of the house falling, but when I picked her up there was only a little pressure mark on her finger and in just a few seconds she was fine.

I think the Lord for these faith building testimonies that encourage me and cause me to never doubt we have a God who loves the little children and who watches over them day and night.


Kendra Lynn said...

Thank You, Jesus! I am convinced that my praying for my girls is worthwhile. I pray for them every night, as I lay in my bed, that God would put a hedge of protection around them, that no harm would befall them, and that His hand would be upon them.
I believe your prayers as a mother are very powerful, Stacey...thank God for protecting both your girls this week!


The Brown's said...

wow what faith promoting stories. I agree God watches over His children. I am glad that the girls are ok.