Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Brienna was crying today and I said "oh baby, what is wrong, what do you want Mama to do" Aleia said "lets sell her on E-baby.....I was in shock!

You know we're living in a total new day when your 3 year old knows what E-bay is. Well Aleia and I had this long talk about that we would never sell our sister and you don't sell people on E-bay, never imagined I'd be having this type of conversation.

The newest item Aleia wants is a digital camera so she can take pictures and download them onto the "puetter". She also was devastated last night when her daddy forgot the website to the barbie game on the "puetter" WOW! yeah let me tell she is way beyond her years....it's scary! We blame her DADDY!!


Kendra Lynn said...

awww...poor Aleia...she doesn't know you can't sell babies on EBay! LOL
That's a great story, though.
Love you. Got our Christmas card from you today...thanks for remembering us. :)


Stacey said...

That is hilarious that you just got the Christmas card, better late then never...LOL!!! Got to love snail mail:-)


Kendra Lynn said...

Did you ever get ours from Headquarters? I sent it to them.
Hope you got it. :)
maiya saw it and was amazed at how much you guys look the same. :) Please pray for Al Gossan, he is going in for brain surgery tomorrow at U of M to remove a growth on his brain.