Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't have a clue?

Our late night conversation with Aleia after church when we got home......

Mommy says: What is this on the counter, a bill?
Dadddy says: I don't have a clue.
Aleia says: We don't have a clue? Well daddy we need to go to that oh store and buy one.

It was so cute, she had no idea what we were talking about but she so desperately wanted to be apart of our conversation.

We had to just laugh and laugh and she joined along in the laughter which cause even more laughing:-) Kids say the most adorable things.


Kendra Lynn said...

They sure do...I love when my kids talk to me.


The Brown's said...

Stacy and Charles we are thrilled to be able to stay in touch with you. You have the cutest girls ever!!!! It was fun to see what you have been up to. Josh and I think of you often. Josh has such fond memories of his time with Charles in the military. He was such a good friend to Josh and we will always be grateful that they found each other. We wish you the best this new year and look forward to getting a peek into your adventures!

Pam Brown