Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Sister Brie-Brie

Aleia was on the phone with Grandpa Vaughn in Michigan and she said "Papa I see you soon with me and my sister", Grandpa said "oh you and Brienna are coming to America to see me and she said "no me and Brie-Brie! Papa, that is what I call her". She was setting the record straight that her "Sister" was "Brie-Brie", we're not sure where she got that but ever since that phone call she will only call the baby "Sister or Brie-Brie".

Charles is away this weekend in Norway preaching,and on our way home from church last night Aleia said "Mama you driving"??? and I said yes Aleia, and Aleia said "but Mama you don't know how to get home, only Daddy does". Well I made it clear that I knew how to get home but I found it so cute that she feels that when her Daddy is not around that she has to be the one to take care of me, to all of you who knew me as a toddler I am sure this sounds very familiar.

As you can see both girls are very contrasting in their coloring, one tan with dark eyes like Mama and one fair with blue eyes like Daddy, it makes our house full of variety and we love it. Aleia already notices that Brienna and her are so different, I hope that this is a good thing when they are older and that it doesn't cause conflict between the two of them, I suppose it is up to us to compliment their difference in a positive way.

It really reminds me of my sister and I, we are so different in just about every way yet we are so close, that is what I hope and pray for my girls.

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Kendra Lynn said...

Katie and I are so totally different, but we are the best of friends. Please pray for her, by the way, she had her appendix rupture five weeks ago (and is 4 1/2 months pregnant) and she is experiencing all sorts of difficulties and pain since her surgery. to you and Charles and the beautifully different "Sisters".