Friday, November 27, 2009

MHR's Friday

Lithuania was the trip of the week for Charles. Great things happened during the time he was ministering there.

He got to meet The Miller family and spend an early Thanksgiving with them. Just in time to get some practice on making a Turkey for our little Thanksgiving gathering here in Vienna.

He came home on Tuesday.......each trip he takes he comes home baring many gifts to the girls and I. He got Aleia a beautiful princess story sticker book and Brienna a little Elephant we named "Ellie". To my surprise he didn't have a gift for me. I needed him to run to the store to get a few things for the dinner I was preparing an when he came in he had a bouquet of 12 beautiful long stem red and pink roses in his arms "all for me". My husband Rocks....what a thoughtful man.

His next trip planned is Germany and then to Spain............girls love gifts, girls love purses, perfume and flowers but most of all they love it when Daddy is home in his big brown chair reading stories, praying and showing us how much he loves us.


The Brown's said...

so sweet! I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Stacey said...

Our Thanksgiving was great. Of course I missed our family but that is to be understood.

Hope you had a wonderful day also.

Danielle H. said...

Hey lady...when Brother comes to Germany is he going to be close to us. We love and miss you guys!!

Stacey said...

He will be in Nurnburg and Pastor Wey's I believe.

The girls and I won't be going this time, we have to get ready for the trip on Friday, he has to preach in Spain.

Miss ya.