Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never to late.....

Charles turned 35 on October 1st but celebrating his special day came around a little later, I say it's never to late to celebrate. The girls had a blast preparing his chocolate cake with chocolate of his and Aleia's favorite.

Aleia help mix the batter, once it was done cooling she frosted it and Brienna helped lick the spoon and then we all helped put the candles on. We put 3 in one corner and then 5 in the other corner for "35".
The girls got him a bag of his favorite gummy bears! I had Aleia wrap the gift, and when he opened the box to our surprise there was a half eaten bag of gummy bears and an awesome watch, she said "I knew Daddy would understand". It was so funny and so Aleia.

He had a great month later! Like I said it's never to late to celebrate.


The Brown's said...

Happy Birthday Charles!!! What a fun little birthday party. I had to giggle about the half eaten bag of gummy bears. So sweet:)

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...that's great! So you guys.