Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Madness

The busy day is yet ahead of us. We are beginning a bit late but it's been good, very relaxing. We are enjoying all the wonderful gifts, cookies and treats on this Monday after Christmas. I am counting the days that the new year is here and I can consume more then cake, chocolate and anything full of cream cheese, a piece of delicious fruit or at least something that is healthy would be nice.

We have many things on our to do list, as of right now the day consist of:

-My friend (a mother) from Aleia's school, Natascha had her baby on Saturday night, so we will be heading over there today to greet them and give baby Konstantin Valentin a little gift from our family. She had him all natural in 4 hours and he was bottom FIRST. Here Natascha is with her Benjamin just a few days before Konstantin was born.

Other things to do for the day are:

-Dry Cleaners
-Down town to get a few things
-Grocery store to get a few things
-Bratislava to get Pizza Hut and take back a few things
-BED (MY FAVORITE) part of the day.

We're going to enjoy the last few last we have left in 2009.....can't believe we're going into 2010, that sounds and looks weird.

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Kendra Lynn said...

We've been taking it slowly here...but I, too, am looking forward to the new year. New Beginning for us...and a DIET for me! I love you...hope you get your box soon...hugs and love from all of us to you.