Monday, December 21, 2009


So hard keeping all the traditions staying fresh. Do find that you look forward to the holidays for that yummy taste of your favorite punch, sound of Christmas chorals while you wrap that special gift, cookie night with your best friend or sisters, picking that one ornament out that will bring memories to come..........???

Yeah probably not!

I've learned in my short little lived years that not as many people look forward to keeping to traditions as I do. I spend most of my Holidays trying to keep all traditions fresh when really people just get to busy to appreciate the small things.....of making memories.

I guess it's so important to me because growing up, even though I was brought up primarily by my Mother who didn't have much to give, she always seemed in her special way to give a unique touch to every holiday....even if it meant she'd be late, she brought tradition to the forefront of EVERY holiday or special event....from the time I was in Kindergarten until the last Christmas I had at home, I can remember the snow man and little plastic bear my mother would put in the window every year.

Although our tree was to tiny and not much to speak of, it had our little special ornaments we would put on each year. When I moved my Mom to Arkansas this last year, it was one of the request I had was to take some of the ornaments home to my kids, along with a few other things that have a lasting hold on my memory.

Looking forward to that beautiful stocking full of the most unique thought out gifts from my Mother in the delicious punch my Father in law makes (it's so good you just can't drink enough of it).

I hold dear to every special tradition, I make a mindful heartfelt memory of all the things that made my holiday so special and even though miles, circumstances, business of life, illness or just age might change things, I'll never forget the wonderful memories that special traditions brought to me.

I plan to fill my daughters lives with traditions that stay just as consistent as when Charles and I were growing up. It is important and I suppose it is as important as you believe it to be or want it to be.

Speaking of traditions, I found this really neat thing that I plan to incorporate into our Christmas dinner tradition.

Special Dinner Seating Idea:
During Christmas dinner with your family and friends, place an ornament by each place setting that represents something regarding that person. Each person has to figure out where they are sitting by picking their ornament. Example: If someone is expecting a baby, you could put a baby ornament by her place setting. Whatever your company enjoys, or if they have a favorite hobby, you could use a similar token as their place setting ornament. It should be so much fun to see each family member and guest try to their place setting. It is also interesting to see how children ornaments change from year to year as they mature and their interests change. Not only does it add to the festivity, but each person keeps the ornament as a gift.

Keep true to tradition it is the thread that keeps memories knitted so tightly together.


The Brown's said...

I feel traditions are SO important too! It makes those memories we have of the holidays last forever. I love the idea of the ornaments. Such a cute idea:)

Kendra Lynn said...

Tradition means a lot to me. We are trying to find which ones work best for our little family. Putting up the tree is, of course, very important. The girls come help me with the ornaments, and they LOVE the whole decorating process. We also try to decorate cookies each year, and its fun to watch them carefully put the sprinkles on.

This year we will not be traveling for Christmas. We will be home, and I am so excited about that! this is the first time in 4 years that we will spend Christmas Day at our own house, just the four of us.

I wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas, dear friend. I've mailed out your box...don't know when it will get to you, but its on its way.

I love you....