Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charles Arrives (Finally)

Last night we prepared all that needed to be done to make a nice welcome home for Charles. He had his 35th Birthday without us in America so we decided to plan a small intimate family Birthday party for him when he gets home today.

Aleia and I made his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, even though we will eat more then he will at least he knows we were thinking about him.

Bought him a really nice gift from the girls and I and Aleia is suppose to be making him a welcome home Birthday card in pre-school today, by the way that is the only way I got her to go to school today, cause she didn't want me to get her Daddy without her. He doesn't arrive until 7:40 tonight so she has all day to think about him coming home.

The house is cleaned, the girls have had their baths, home made chicken noodle soup is done, chocolate cake is made, Birthday gift is wrapped, took garbage out, gas in the van, vacuumed van out, laundry is done, legs are shaved, and fresh sheets on the bed. I think I've covered all that needs to be done before he gets home to make his first day home happy and comfortable.

We can't wait.....the girls and I are so excited!


Pastor said...

Only thing that I remember from that post is shaved legs. Love you!

Stacey said...

Bad, bad, bad boy!

Janie said...

Get a room you too! :) Glad we got to see you Chuck. We miss you already.

Stacey kiss the girls for us. We miss you guys so much and its hard to think about not seeing you for so long. I do read your blog just never comment because I forgot my password - haha. Miss you guys. Enjoy your time together!

The Brown's said...

hahaha of course that was the only thing he remembered!!!!

Your a very sweet wife:) Hope the homecoming is wonderful!!

Kendra Lynn said...

You guys are crazy! Glad Charles FINALLY made it home! Love you all!